06 February, 2006

Say NO for the New agriculture law! SAVE JORDAN's Forests

The modifications made by the past government on the subject 27 of the law Nr 44/2002 is to enable buying and renting Forests for Investment Purposes, giving power to some fat guys in suits with big pockets to destroy the only 0.9% out of Jordan that consists of forests.
Say No to this modification NOW along with the campaign the RSCN on their website at: http://www.savejordantrees.org/ or at Wild Jordan in Jabal Amman..

Residents of the planet, Let Our Meeting Be at Wild Jordan, and let's save what remained from Jordan's Forests.


blackice said...

First of all..I hope you keep this entry in your blog thank you...

My reply is:

1-all of you who are against that lAw "btw it's lAw man,not low"
are WANNABES! ay na3am wannabes...
you wanna go like.. ohh green peace of jordan... save za treez pleez pleezzz...im an activist n crap...yaay ana fay3a/faye3...
Nature? don't tell me you think about mother nature when your at home bud! the only call you answer of mother nature in jordan is when you go pee pee in the bathroom!

It's not like it's CANADA!
9% of the WHOOOLE COUNTRY! I Say:
To Helllllll with it!
make workers get the investors money!
and yeah! let those Fatsoz "btw u shouldnt be mentioning the 'phat' part lol" invest here yeah...

at least some poor workers might get a better chance!

Don't you all go and start judging n stuff by sitting on your golden chair!
most of you know nothing about how 90% of families in jordan live!

2-Jordan is mainly desert!
our tourists don't come for the "greeeeeen feilds" we've got!
+ most of us...if not all.. live in cities... ya3ney it's so ridiculous how we carry a flag that is not meant to be for us..

GET REAL...Think practical...
this is reality.. not a tv documentary about protests in canada or amazon...

gal eish? gal trees gal!
ow hala 3ammy..

nasimjo© said...

Thanx for the notification about the 'A' out there, it's just that I did the whole thing in a couple of minutes,

This is your thought and view, and I wont delete it because I dont, and never deleted anybody's comments on my blog.

& by the way, I mentioned another mistake as well, its 0.9% not 9%.

Finally, I guess Tololy have a better reply for you!