12 March, 2007

“Play” Shakira and “Beat” it!

So Shakira is performing in Dubia later this month. And 2 Jordanian stations are “fighting” to get you tickets to her concert.
It all started when Play 99.6 launched the campaign to win a trip to dubai for 2 and tickets for shakira's contest in cooperation with Umniah, where you'd get ready to sing a shakira's song, text a message to an Umniah nr for 3 piasters. And, if u get chosen the next morning on the lee morning show, you have to sing, win a CD for shakira, and get into the draw to win the tickets. Play 99.6 claims to be “The official radio station for The 1st Ever Shakira concert in the middle east”

Beat FM, pumped up with another way to win the trip and tickets, claiming to be “The first station to give away shakira's tickets in Jordan”. The difference her is that you had to call a 0900 number with 0.5 JD/ a minute. And sing sth for shakira, and they have gave away tickets already.

so... you choose, you can pay little and win later with Play, or pay more and win earlier with Beat .... SIGH!

Play are playing promotions of people singing on the phone trying to win, and Beat is playing promotions with someone who expresses her excitement of winning the tickets

Shall i say that a very similar situation happened on both stations when 50 Cent came to lebanon.

Ma 3alena .... Free tickets for some Jazz anyone!


PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

3ala shu?! i cant wait for it to be over coz im sick of the adverts on every radio station! when sean paul came they dint do such a big fuss! and i reckon sean paul is the best ever :D but thats just me lol

and yeah, loved the innovation :p

Anonymous said...

Well, there's a big difference as welll.. Beat gave away tickets to 2 winner, each of them got 2 tickets (one for him/herself and one for a friend) + hotel accommodation for 3 days + airline tickets + visas to Dubai.... and still there is a chance for 2 more people to win!! Isn't that worth the JD1 that you'll pay!?