31 January, 2007

Project BiSCA's 1st mass-media appearance in its 1st birthday.

Project BiSCA (Bus Information, Scheduling, and Control for Amman), which is our (that is Ehab Al-Hakawati, Fayez Al-Rafeaa, and yours truly Nasim Al-Tamimi) University graduation project, and turned later by us into a pilot project aiming by that for it to be improved and implemented. BiSCA got last Sunday, the 28th of January 2007, its first ever nation-wide mass-media attention. When it was featured on Radio Amman Net 92.4 FM, through the only radio show in the Jordanian radio sphere concerned in traffic and transportation issues. “Sayara FM” with Mohammad Shamma.

The mass-media premier of project BiSCA to the nation featured the three of us, celebrating a year since project BiSCA's initialization with a very high confidentiality and hope that turning project BiSCA into a Pilot Project will be bringing BiSCA deeper into the Jordanian public transportation's reality. Along with a more sharpen view of what we have already done, and where we are heading to with project BiSCA.

Mohammad Shamma, the editor and presenter of “Syara FM” discussed with us the facts and applicabilities BiSCA will be affecting the urban public transportation sector in Amman when applied.

Mr Shamma also contacted Mr Hashem Masaeed, head of Jordanian Public Transportation Regulatory Commission, Mr Yousef Borno, head of traffic engineering dept in Amman Greater municipality, and Mr Abdul Sattar abu Hassan, The regional Vice-president of the International Union for Public Transportation and the owner and founder of Asia Transport Co. in order to discuss with them the possibility of applying such a project in Amman.

Personally speaking, I found both Mr Abdul Sattar, and Mr Yousef Borno positive regarding our project, and discussing the further technical details with us, and the possibility of integrating it with what they are trying to have/apply in the Greater Amman Municipality, and the newly founded Integrated Transportation Co respectively in the domain of Traffic and Transportation Information Systems.

On the other hand, also personally speaking, Mr Masaeed's response didn't sound that positive to me! Or didn't have time to get into a discussion about it.... I'll leave it for you to listen and judge!

By the way, I got to know the Mr Abdul Sattar abu Hassan already knew something about project BiSCA since he happened to read my blog from time to time :)

Yes, you can still listen to the show by clicking on this link (you can right click and save it as MP3). And even read the article published in AmmanNet's website about it.
The show will be also re-broadcasted this Thursday, at 11:30 AM on radio Amman Net, through 92.4 FM in the greater amman area, or through www.ammannet.net .

After a year of getting deeper than usual through the status of urban public transportation in the capital Amman, after conducting the most powerful standardized define and design methodologies for the project, And taking care of each and every tiny cost detail in it... after spending non stop days and nights trying to resolve some unexpected cases, after a bunch of locked doors in our faces turning us to depend totally on our selves in the project, after having the weirdest day of my life as the day when we had the project's presentation and my CPU and motherboard went dead, singing all sort of graduation songs. And after participating at a Zombie graduation projects competition.

Project BiSCA is now officially a pilot project. And an initiative lead by us to improve the urban public transportation sector in Amman.

We are ready for the challenge ....
We are ready for the mission ....
We are ready for changing what couldnt be resolved for years ...
We ARE Ready ....

Are YOU ready?!
WE know who YOU are meant to be .... Yes ... YOU ... are YOU READY for BiSCA!


Qwaider قويدر said...

That's awesome man ... seriously ... well done :)
Sounds like a fantastic idea and I would love to see it in action

Nizar said...

WOW, i would really like to see that change take place :D

nasimjo© said...

if you both love seeing it in action that much .... u may imagine how much i like to see it my self!
Thanks for the support :)