26 May, 2006

Me + Intel Celeron = OH DEAR ME!

I never ever thought that an Intel Celeron processor would be running in my Box one day!!

It is now while i'm writing this to you...

After i had my Main board and CPU dead an hour before my MONAQASHE as mentioned earlier, yesterday i went in a search for a 2G pentium 4 processor, (ah, I didnt even know that the Main board is dead as well until yesterday, i thought its just a matter of CPU)...

But hell ya, I had an entire new main board, with DDR RAM instead of my wonderful SDs , and ,,,,, noooooooooooooooooooo! A 2.66Ghz Intel Celeron CPU!

It was a limitation of budget after all, cause all of this didnt cost me over 130 JDs , and the new main board had like its predecessor, a built in VGA... though this one is not an Intel Mainboard as well, but an ASROCK! Yeah an ASS ROCK :P

But a celeron!!!!

Ok, this one along with the 512 DD RAMs work just like my old 2G P4 with the 384 SD RAM....

eh eh,,, I want my old one baaaaack!


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