15 May, 2006

The Open Source Open Day

The Open Source Open Day,
this thursday @ the Hashemite University

The Free and Open Source Software group at the hashemite university - part of the Faculty of IT is proud to announce its very first OPEN SOURCE OPEN DAY.
This Thursday the 18th of May, 2006 all day long.

Speakers will include Mr Kifah Esa, Mr Esam Bayazidi, Mr Khamis Seksek and Mr Basem Narmok, all JoLUG.

the day will include look and feel open lab, hands on sessions, FOSS cultural sessions, and much more all day long...

if any one feels to pass by, it will be a big moral support for the students.

please feel free to tell me in case you will be coming please notify me before wednesday noon, either on 0788787064 or nasimjo@gmail.com


ahmad said...

he3 he3 he3,
ba3dhom jama3et el JoLug bebat7o ... lol
Anyways, Kefa7 & Basem are very good at these stuff, they always present great things ...

Yalla ... goodluck guys, even I don't beleive in open source, but if HU invloved then I must support!

Anonymous said...

nasim, when are you going to email me that song?