11 May, 2006

Jordan's Nr 1 English radio show, LC, goes Off the Air!

Yes, I guess Listener's Choice fans have mentioned that there was surprisingly no show on "sunday funday".... the show might go Off the air for a while for some reasons i cannot declare at the moment.

I'm sad my self for having it off and for the reason of having it off, seems some competitors will be happy!


salam said...

seriously?nasim?you're going to miss SB?She's ancient,and she still lives in the early eighties..I think it's about time!

ahmad Humeid said...

With all respect.. yes it's about time this show went off the air. i know nasim you will disagree strongly with this, but the whole LC show was just unbelievably outdated and it used to annoy me (even more than 10 years ago).

Maybe the 'competition' doesn't have the answer.

Look, I too 'grew up' with radio jordan. but there is zero sentimental value left in RJ for me.

Radio Jordan is really in a badms shape my friend. Spend some time listening to proper NPR or BBC radio and you will soon get my point.

nasimjo© said...

hmm, seems u guys haven't been listening for over a couple of years now!

anyway, i think the numbers speak better!
While LC is on the air, 40,000 +- 2500 radios are tuned to the show, on the airwaves of 96.3 FM, 90.9 FM and 99.7 FM, covering a residential population of 4.5 millions inside jordan and around 2 millions outside jordan (The West bank, taba, southern lebanon and syria, and southern cyprus peaks).

Radio Jordan is in a bad mess, i agree... and the prove is that during other shows, those numbers are in the average of 500+-200 and very rarely over 5000.... quite a difference, ha!

LC is operating nowadays as a kind of an independent small radio station, the uses the airwaves of Radio Jordan if you can conceptually describe it!

I dont think it is really an easy compititor when international bands send urge their production companies to send their latest FULL ALBUMS to the show (as one of a special small selection list) at the same day those albums are released in europe and the states!

remember, i'm talking about the show....

yours truly, the LC's co-producer ;)

salam said...

nasim,where do you get your numbers from?I am asking seriously,not mockingly or anything..I really would like to know.

nasimjo© said...

all modern antennas have a rating system that indicates the number of radio's turned and tuned at the a certain moment,
its something similar like web statistcs on the hits coming to a website.

salam said...

thanks for the info nas!!