31 May, 2006

“Mother Russia's” scientists discover a vaccine for Bird Flu.. Whose turn is next in the dirty game!?

For those of you who do not know, even though the USSR has “Supposedly” died since around 15 years now, being the last falling brick in the world of communism, supposedly again,,,, but it is not really as it may seem!

“Mother Russia” is still alive in the eastern European people's minds, including those hybrid ones just like yours truly in here.

Nothing unusual till now, but there's even more, “Mother Russia's” husband, the KGB along with all its scientific, brigade, mass-media, military, and social-oriented division is still alive some where in what is currently entitled “Federal Russia”..... no, i'm not talking about a ghost, but about “Mother Russia's” hand of power that you have all been watch movies about on TV since the 80s!

And yes, Mother Russia still have interests around and about, maybe the US is not considering Russia a danger any more, but its still there, clear and obvious even! Despite America's ignorance.

In case you have heard the news around yesterday on stations other than Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabia, and JTV, you would have heard that an advanced group of Russian medical-military researchers and scientists have discovered a vaccine for Bird Flu, and have taken the risk their selves to take it and face the H5N1 without having a single symptom of the bird flu upon them.

So, what will be next, will Mother Russia supply this vaccine to its beloved old children, A.K.A: easter European + ex-USSR countries facing the avian flu, will it further more provide the humanity's most suffering nations with it?! ( Hint Hint: Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia...)

Will it provide its ex-child: Romania, with it, since Romania has been facing a suspicious raid of bird flu since the last couple of weeks or so, after Mother Russia has been flooding Romania with Rain?!

Hmmm,, let's hold on for a moment and explain the last paragraph, it holds a lot of embedded talk in it!

1st of all there was bird flu, moving around, country by country until it reached Romania by the end of last summer.

Romania has controlled all the cases, those were coming from traveling birds passing by the danupe's delta, affecting villages in that area. It was actually for the 1st time in history when i see the romanian authorities dealing with something in a better way than jordanians do! I personally consider the Jordanian experience with the bird flue a faulty one, either talking about the governemental authorities or the population it self.

Later one, by the end of the winter, floods started to hit Romania from all the possible sides, the danupe, which when it comes to my personal experience is wider in some places than the dead sea, got flooded by all the european melting snow and rain, adding to which extensive heavy rain rates in Romania, turning millions and millions of square meters under the water including hundreds of villages and towns, those floods were associated with extensive heavy rainfall, reaching up to 100 liter/hour, continuing for over 48 hours non-stop...
Now those unusual rainfalls happened to be by artificial clouds made by Mother Russia's scientists! A fact that i personally take the responsibility of publishing based on some secret news published lately by an ex-romanian security personnel..... well, hiding-ly published if i would rather say.

Yes, Russian's can make rain, as you might have heard back in 2002 when the Russian president was in a visit to St Petersburg, when the Russian scientists have forced rainy clouds to vanish from the cities skies!
Unfortunately, on the international mass media only EuroNews have taken the risk to publish this fact back then, though several news agencies have published it with the piece of news concerning the president's visit.

So, Russian's can evaporate rain, and make it too,,, and the made it lately in easter Europe, especially Romania, a country that had set NATO bases in several areas on its territories.

In return, seems some else wants to get his hands dirty in Romania, most probably someone from the west this time, spreading H5N1 in Romania extensively,
it all started in having an entire company's chicken houses affected, by some H5N1 affected chicks imported through hungry to “CODLEA-BRASOV”, one of the major chicken meat producers in Romania...
but the thing wasn't really as simple as it might look, there are several personnel in the power, which even Mr President Traian Basescu, who have been facing some health problems lately, and was saved from being paralyzed in Austria earlier this month after some people in power played a dirty game in preventing the president of being operated urgently.

Maybe those fat guys in suits are the same implicated in both issues i'm mentioning in the last paragraph in here,, who knows...

So, those fat guys in suits had the H5N1 spread around the country in some dirty unclear ways up to the moment, that has put Romania in a grave situation facing 10s of areas where H5N1 is discovered, including 3 areas in side the capital Bucharest it self!

Where is Mother Russia when we need it now?!
Or well she let the NATO spies complete their dirty job on the romanian territory!

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jameed said...

The vaccine is still being tested. But yeah, every once in a while now you hear about some sound piece of research coming out of former USSR states. Hopefully this will be such a one.

Natalia said...

Russia has great research programs in a variety of fields, no matter how bad the economy and political destabilization.

As for your "they can make weather" comment, that's a joke, right? What's next? Should we blame the Indonesian earthquake on evil Russia? You're a laugh riot.

Anonymous said...

russians are dodgy. See Chelsea FC for further reference.

Their space program seems to be superior to the americans, they remind me of the service taxis in abdali - a bit outdated, but realiable and they pick up lots of different people.

Still 'coral' theme?!

nasimjo© said...

Jameed: they doctors and nurses have already tested it on their selves!

Natalia: welcome to my blog 1st of all,
Yup I know that, very well even, being my self part of the "Mother Russia" concept ;)
about the weather thing: I gain responsability for what i write on my blog, and I know what I'm writing.... So... its not a JOKE!

anony, or thats ur nickname from now on here ;)
believe me, its further more efficient that you might have described it...

Natalia said...

Nasim, that's total bollocks. But thanks for making me giggle. :)))

Oh, and what kind of crap is that being targeted at Chelsea? You shouldn't confuse the Russian government (dodgy indeed) with Abramovich, who saved that club. They've just signed Shevchenko.

Oh wait, he's Ukrainian, he must be dodgy too! Nyah nyah.

Anonymous said...

Abramovich is THE definition of dodgy. He may have saved the club but ruined the premiership

Money may buy you Shevchenko & Ballack but not class and tact. I for one cannot wait till he gets bored of his new money losing toy and they come crashing down to earth with a bang.