14 May, 2006

Listener's Choice, Surprisingly BACK!

Yes, There was a show on FRIDAY, and it will continue....
some "accidental problem" were behind the 1 week off air..
So check jordan's 1st english radio show, with the highest rating, where your radio will be one of 40,000 radios tuned in to 96.3, 99.7 and 90.9 FM.



salam said...

man do you work for that station?nothing would please me better than have the station be the best and the one and only but it sucks..if you do work for it..can't you come up with newer better ideas..to attract more listeners?and to be competetive?

Ahmad Humeid said...


Hani said...

I used to adore this show when it was presented by the great Manal 3azer... remember her?!

God... Those were the days!

nasimjo© said...

I DO NOT work for the station, but I contribute in the show.... there's a difference, explination is available in a comment in the previous post.

Hani, yeah.... LC was always "THE SHOW" actually!
it was in the days when Radio Jordan was extra formal,
and it is now when Radio Jordan is extra lousy!

hehe, so ironic