01 January, 2007

So JordanPlanet went to sleep and we went into the street!

I guess the following table of traffic shows the difference after jordanplanet was put to sleep.
at least, I hope the JP folks would at least turn the main page into a links only page for the bloggers as well as other jordanian aggregators ... in addition to an archive page for the posts aggregated among those years on JP.

Day Date Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
Monday 1st January 2007 7 6 5 1
Sunday 31st December 2006 6 5 4 1
Saturday 30th December 2006 29 16 14 2
Friday 29th December 2006 17 14 14 0
Thursday 28th December 2006 29 22 18 4
Wednesday 27th December 2006 39 28 21 7
Tuesday 26th December 2006 59 45 35 10
Monday 25th December 2006 16 16 14 2


Jad said...


Shaden said...

lool omg that's worse than MY statistics!

Red Rose said...

hi Nasim..Happy Eid for you friend.. sad news actually and we are going to miss JP.
check miror for JP Kaled (Palforce) made it..it's similar to previous and also there is Qwaider.com (arablogz).

Red Rose said...

Ops I forgot to mention the link for the previous one


Qwaider قويدر said...

Proud to welcome you to Qwaider Planet