26 December, 2006

Christmas on the jordanian radio-sphere

So lets see, seems Christmas is more mature this year on the Jordanian radio sphere.
An amazing touch is on the Jordanian Broadcasting Corporation's Main Arabic service radio, which had a special show on Christmas eve, which was, in my opinion very joyful and professional in setting as a show on a public service radio (where formality is a must after all), the show included both Arabic and English Christmas songs, and included interviews with almost a big variety of people related to this occasion, from Bishops and priest of the most important churches in Jordan, to a Jordanian child who sang Christmas songs, to a lady that sang a prayer on the air as well, to ordinary people from both the Muslim and Christian community in Jordan, or Jordanians from abroad.
Another impressive touch was brought on the air throughout Radio Amman Net. Which, what impressed me most, played a huge variety or ARABIC Christmas songs, from choruses and churches from inside and outside Jordan, including a huge unique collection of Fayrouz Christmas ballades, all with perfect quality (since the Jordanian broadcasting radio played some Fayrouz Christmas songs that had a bad quality). Radio Amman Net had also a big variety of social community shows, as well as competitions with prizes, with a lot of Christmas touch. I did like the fact that radio Amman Net played Arabic Christmas songs. No one did this in town before. All the radio announcers and Djs were into the Christmas mood to the maximum. And they also aired the special Christmas show aired on the Jordanian Main Arabic radio( the one mentioned above) live on the air as well. Radio Amman Net FM was indeed the perfect Arabic Christmas station.
Other Arabic station's (Fann FM, Radio Rotana, Sawt al-Ghad, etc..) Christmassy touch didn't exceed some jingles and some western Christmas songs, and a lot of crazy frog's (Last Christmas), which was a hit during last Christmas! When only Radio Jordan FM used to play it.
Radio Jordan FM, is still the best English speaking Christmas station, with a lot and a lot of jingle bill songs from all times, from the 60s and 70s up to this years special Christmas releases. A fact is that despite this fever started gradually from the beginnings of December, and jammed up more and more during the last week before Christmas, and reached all the different shows, from the crazy morning shows, to the very famous LC- Listener's choice which was FULLED with Christmas stuff last Sunday and Friday, and up to some evening shows, the entire Christmas jams had some holes! For example the Christmas eve evening show didn't really feel like its in Christmas eve!
Play 99.6 had its usual, a lot – of – jingles – style in dealing with Christmas, as well as some Christmas events and competitions here and there ( Play 99.6 already leads the Jordanian radio sphere when it comes to competitions and prizes ... so, thats rather a usual thing). And some Christmas tunes here and there within their variety and shows.
Beat FM had Christmas tunes randomly spread around their usual non-stop music collection.
While Mood FM, had the Christmas tunes more selective and accorded to the station's music style, along with the usual Mood FM Christmas jingles.
No other notable christmasity was available on the radio sphere .... until now at least :P


kinzi said...

Nasim, thanks! I can always count on you to fill me in on the Amman radio scene (something I know NOTHING about!)It is encouraging to hear how many Arabic Christmas songs there were...as much as I love the English ones, the translations just don't seem to fit.

BUT, two songs I like better in Arabic: We Wish You a Merry Christmas and the one to the tune of "Oh Suzanna".

Nizar Selander said...

Interesting, at least i know how was the Christmas eve in the Jordanian radio channels, cuz i have missed them.

Thanx Nasim!

with u a Merry Xmass