12 December, 2006

Java 1.6 Released

Yes, finally, JDK 6 is out in its final version ... it was released yesterday.

Just installed it myself today... (actually I installed a very early beta release last sprint, it was then similar in performance to JDK 5)

the first impression feedback from developers around is: The JVM is faster ... and much more faster than all Java versions that came out until the moment. that is in addition to tens of new and enhanced APIs...
and by the way, it now can deal smoothly with the .NET stupid webservice without any third part APIs.

on this occasion, Sun seem to have a new website out as well :)


Qwaider قويدر said...

Java should just die!
.NET rules :)
The hype bubble has already bursted

nasimjo© said...

Qwaider, its your opinion if you it should die or not...
but bringing facts into attention, Java will never die!
simply because its not a product like the .net framework.

Java is rather an entire culture...
Java is supported by both enterprises (Sun Microsystems, IBM, Oracle, Netscape,Borland .... etc) and the Open Source community... actually 10s of Open Source communities.
I cant remember I ever wanted a Java API for something and couldnt find it!

abu_alfouz said...

Thanx Nasim ..
See the enhancements to Java 6

Qwaider قويدر said...

It should still die :). Throwing around a bunch of software failures like IBM and Netscape AND big words like "Open source" doesn't change that :). No one said you can't have compiled AND open source.
It might be a bit faster, but it's intrisically slower than any compiled language (comparing apples to apples of course)

So, RIP Java :), the hype has always been over rated anyway

nasimjo© said...

I didnt get:
" it's intrisically slower than any compiled language"!!!!!!!

Java is compiled too :P

it doesnt run "only from source :P"

btw....Ur blog is down

Anonymous said...

well java must die, but .NET should VANISH, c/c++ rule :D

and btw java is not compiled, not to machine code at least, but .NET is not compiled to machine as wellm its rather compiled to this shitty MSIL :S, the whole idea of having this intermediate language btw code and machine code was sun's but it was a stuped 1 anyway, so .net supporters should never mention the "not compiled" thing

Qwaider قويدر said...

Double Doh!
Java is not "really" complied, It's embarrasing to say the least that Microsoft's VM -was- way faster than Sun's own VM (remember that? 400% faster to be exact)

The reason why .NET is a little faster is that "nasty" IL that you don't like anonymous :) And both (Java and .NET) are -generally- slower than machine code because they have to run a layer above the direct system.

The truth is, .NET is better designed, faster, has more potential, easier, language independent, platform independent, ISO standard, Looks visually better, has better support for multi languages, and has better support for users with disabilities, The only bad thing about it is the negative PR of Microsoft, Which is still the best software company on earth.

Anyway, C/C++ has it's own issues too (compatibility, portability, 7asheeshability or bad programmer syndrom where .NET was shown and proved to perforom better) ...

Yep, blog is temperarly down for "Natural" causes

nasimjo© said...

"platform independent"!?
if you can run a .net application on an AIX or HP UX ill invite you to a knafe at 7abiba el balad!

since this comparison made, Java went into 1.4, 1.4.2 (which is extra fast compared to .NET 2.0), 1.5,, and 1.6 now (Which is the fastest)! while .NET went to 1.1 -> 2.0 (which is the slowest) and 3.0 soon which aint that promising from the speed point of view based on the reviews of my peer .NET developers around.

"Looks visually better"?!
.NET uses the platform dependent UI which java can use as well!

and by the way, I dought you can feel customized UI APIs built on ASP.NET like you can find on JSF...

just check this one w 2ed3eelee :)


abu_alfouz said...

".NET is better designed" !!!
"faster" !!
"has more potential" !!
"easier" !!
"platform independent" !!!

This remind me about discussing we was made every day at uni, I was always hear this talk from shbab that all they knowing about programming is something take it at a 350 jd .NET course, and they just hearing about something called "Java".

I don't mean that you are not a professional, but please spent some time with Java, not for work; just to knowledge; and to know that there is in the world something rather than Microsoft, Windows, or .NET.

By the way, I know that the 350 jd course is about .NET tools not .NET programming!

Anonymous said...

again and again
c++ rocks