10 December, 2006

Al Yarmouk University in DANGER!

Al Yarmouk University, the 2nd oldest university in jordan after UJ, got its third and final alert for the inner decipline situation, making in it in the final stages before being totally closed.
this is due to the fact that Last Thursday, the 7th of December 2006, The Police forces entered the campus because of a range of big fights hitting the campus for several days in a row, and maxemizing last thursday.

and while the Police department confirmed the facts, the University's president denied everything! by saying:
وأكد رئيس الجامعة د. محمد الصباريني لعمان نت أنه لا يوجد أعمال شغب داخل الجامعة، إنما خلاف بين بعض الطلاب أدى إلى تجمهر طلاب الجامعة وأن أحد الشباب المتسببين في الخلاف هو مفصول أكاديميا من الجامعة.

.......Photos anyone?!
the source of the next photos are provided by links from one of the commentators on the AmmanNet page

Via: Radio Amman Net.
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Ola said...

Will it really be totally closed? I thought it is to be closed for 2 weeks I guess, then its name will be changed...

My brother was there when the riots broke out, he said it was beyond scary! 300 guys entered campus, though they ar enot students, and then fights broke out... you didn't have to look at the fight itslef, you could see how serious it was by the stones being tossed in air... those guys were beating university stuidents even if they had nothing to do with the fight!!

Nizar Selander said...

How stupid can this be..
closing a university down from some students fighting :s

abu_alfouz said...

I think that at any next problem "alt3lem al3ale" will change the university name because it will lost its reputation outside Jordan if it doesn't. This is a bad thing because it means that about 24 years of the uni history will lost and become a fresh university.

Tait said...

Why did the fights break out? Who were the instigators? What do other students feel about what was happening?


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