17 December, 2006

My ex-Colleague on the edges of StarAc 4

Those photos are featuring yours truly (apparently) along with someone else .... who happened to be Jordan's cadidate to the latest middle eastern Star Academy, Star Academy 4.
Unfortunatelly, Noor Kalouti made it to the last 30 people, but didnt make it in the 19 that were chosen to take part in the show.

and In case you are wondering, yes, you saw her in the 1st row on the 1st prime... but its just that those photos are a lil' bit old.

I want to demonstrate my sadness for the fact that my ex-university colleague and friend, noor, is better than some choosed candidates in StarAc 4. as she can sing, dance and act... and is a fast learner....
that is beside the fact that my relationship raised with this lady while her talents were building, and aims getting higher to be someone in this field.

Hardlack noona my friend .... you will always be our favorite local rocker :)
Never Surrender!

1 comment:

Moey said...

nice, she's a rocker. so it's better staying out of this crap academy,

Noor. don't feel bad, at least you do not have a low IQ