10 December, 2006

Bine ai Venit Iasule pe strazile noastre :)

So, the name of 2 romanian cities are given to 2 streets in Amman.
The cities: (Iasi "spelled Yash") and (Cluj "Spelled as is") are home towns for 2 of the biggest 4 universities in romania (in addition to Timishoara, and the capital Bucharest).

the naming was based on the fact that a very big number of jordan's finist Engineers,Doctors,and jordanian qualified people graduated from the universities in those 2 cities back in the 80s and 70s.

My both parents did study in Iasi... which is not that far from my romanian home town "Piatra Neamts"...
more in this google earth image:

since the news is still so fresh (I just heard it on the radio), i shall be publishing you some photos from Iasi tomorrow!

and i shall say:
"Bine ai Venit Iasule pe strazile noastre :)"

that is: "Welcome Iash on a street of ours :)"


Diana said...


i ddn't know there is a street called "Cluj" here!that's where i was born and my parents studied there too ;)

i should visit it sometime.

nasimjo© said...

asteapta ... trebuie sa le gaseem mai intai!

aiman said...

hey guys can you tell us where is the streets ? in amman so we go visit them

nasimjo© said...

aiman! nope ... im still looking for those :D