04 July, 2006

Radio Guide Update: Amen FM

Soon, on the frequency of 89.5 FM, a station that goes by the name of "AMEN FM"
أمن FM
will be broadcasting in the grater Amman area, covering Amman, Zarqa, Mafraq, Madaba and someparts of Jerash and Salt.

the station, which is owned by the Jordanian Police department will be oriented towards increasing the interactivity between the police and security forces and the community, and will be considered for sure a unique experience for a public radio.

I'm just wondering what will remain for The governmental Jordanian Broadcasting Radio after having this police owned public radio running later this year, and after the jordanian armed forces-owned Fann FM has been operating and gaining the highest ratings in jordan!

just a question

Update (18-Oct-2007): Amen FM can be heard online now through the website http://amenfm.jo/

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ادارة المرور said...

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