10 July, 2006

Dear Licensed Microsoft Windows user, thanks for being a FOOL!

Yup, this is how it sounds that microsoft is thanking their clients that buy their original products.

They are like telling you: “you fool could have installed a pirated version!”

Here's how the story starts, I buy a labtop, with its bundled Windows XP Home edition... I wanted to be fully legal this time, as the only pirated softwares that i use nowdays are Microsoft's Windows Operating System, and Macromedia's multimedia packages (Fireworks, Flash, Dreamwaver, and Handsfree).

(Note: No, I never bought Microsoft's office, I've been using OpenOffice for over a couple of years now)

Now I dont really know what does the word (Home Edition) mean for those at microsoft!? Doesnt mean that the home edition fool user doesnt have an interest to have any type of network connections but a direct one to the Internet?!

Does it mean that he cant have users account management but throughout a fancy lousy utility in the control panel that changes a user's icon or password!

Or Does it mean that a user can't have microsoft's own web server (not even for experimental purposes for you kids that want to learn some programming!), even if microsoft claims it makes its web server: ( IIS ), free for its users!

So, you want make a peer to peer connection between two PCs (because maybe as a home user you may not have the interest to have an Ethernet network at your home) .... and what you'll find is ..... a disabled option!!!!
and for accepting a connection, it considers the connection a phone call throughout your modem...

On the other hand, you want some advanced user management, you click on the “manage” option rightclicking on your “My Computer” icon.
And WHAT?!
No “Manage Users” in the right bar tree!

This is how it should look:

& this is how it is!

I go, to the system32 folder inside the windows directory, and hey, there's the execution runner called “lusrmgr” available in there (The Management console consists of several execution runners like this one in case you dont know, and those execution runners are called behind the seen when you change some option from the control panel in windows in a “User Friendly Way” ).

and surprise surprise, here is what appeared in there:
“This computer is running Windows XP Home Edition, This SNAPIN MAY NOT BE USED with THAT version of Windows.”

Man, they dont know how to inform their users properly, the even don't know how to write proper english!!!! what “THAT VERSION”!!!
or is it that they use linux and call their own made operating system: “THAT”?!

Hell Ya.... and they call linux “not so user friendly”.

And by the way, The need for the user management thingy appeared from the another problem, running Oracle's Enterprise Manager, any import or export from user files saved on the operating system, you will be requested to enter the credentials for logging in to the file system throughout the operating system running on the machine from which you want to extract or import the files stored on your machine....

and guess what, you put the user name and password, and it says it cant log-in to the operating system you are running at the moment (I never faced such a situation with Oracle 10g since it was released).....

I want my money back and my pirated Windows XP professional back, at least I know its pirated what ever fools came out in my face!

The question of why do i still need windows, well, i need it from time to time in my programming and development issues, i need both actually (Windows and Linux). So double booting is indeed the most suitable option.

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Khawaja M. said...

Home edition mean you use it while you wear your pajamas! seems like you were well-dressed at the time you tried it ! ;)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Dude, your issues sound more like pilot error ..

Anonymous said...

don't take this porsonal.
first of all, if u could get a pirated copy and got a licensed one anyway, then - with all due respect - you're a fucking idiot !

secondly, the aim of making two versions of Windows XP is increase your options not forcing you into one. so if you need networking capabilities - for instance - more than those provided by home edition then you're most likely a professional and need to use the professional version. -- thought microsoft.
it can't really be more obvious than that.

on the other hand, maybe microsoft went a little bit astry when it came to determining what features are considered professional or professional enough, however, this can be really quite argumentitive.

bottom line, I am sure microsoft put all the effort in the world to please their customers, the rest rests on the side of the users to choose what really best suites their needs, which should not be that difficult naturally, but I guess you were just overwhelingly happy about youre licensed copy, only to discover that it wasn't really that much of a celebrity!!!

Rami said...

Man, have you ever read/heard what is Windows XP Home Edition used for before buying it? It is called HOME edition because it is only suitable for the day-to-day activities of a typical home user; managing documents, organizing photos, very simple networking (a typical user doesn't need a domain at his home!), etc.

Now, you cannot consider running a web server or an Oracle database on your machine a typical day-to-day home user activity, can you?

You are using your programmer/IT expert mentality to evaluate home edition. You totally forgot that there are millions of users out there who don't enjoy such mentality and have no clue what the hell is oracle or what does user management mean. Why do we need to make things too complicated for them?

In fact, I see this as a drawback in Linux. It always pushes all the options in the user's face. SCARY! That's why Linux is not well-spread between home users (average home users, i mean)

Ah, one more thing; regarding the "That Version" part: Get a Life! :P

nasimjo© said...

Qweder: pilot error?!
anonymous: I wanted to try to be fully leagal for "ONCE"!... the labtop had an good offer, and it had a Licensed windows bundled in it.... and it wasnt for sure wise to buy XP Prof for 150 JDs!!! THATS NOT ME!
"microsoft put all the effort in the world to please their customers" ... give me a break! I paid 80 JDs on it, just to find that even a "CREEPY OLD" free linux is better than it!!!

Rami, Yes, but why for a couple of features, an ONLY Microsoft user, should pay double!!! do you find it logical! and by the way, and hey, they have the utility "lusrmgr" available on both as you might have read, then why to Restrict access to it in "THAT" Version.... and man, i know loads of non IT PC users that use Peer to Peer connection,,, dont tell me thats not a home usage... (Of course they are using Pirated XP).

Qwaider قويدر said...

Sorry didn't come back to for more info ..
Pilot error as in:
a) You need to enable DCC man to be able to do serial / parallel connection
b) To create users in Home edition, you need to go to Control panel and not computer management snapin.

Saba7 el full :D

nasimjo© said...

1 - DCC enabled, dont worry....
2 - But the control panel's utility enables you only to change the account's name, password, & icon!
mention the "advanced user management" ... disabling users, policies, getting the account named (ADMINISTRATOR) managed which is disabled by default as you creat another administrative user(unless you log in safe mode)

w hala 3ammeee!