01 July, 2006

World Cup Fever hits my coincident-related observation

Lousy subject, I know, this is a personal post so don't hesitate in taking your web ride back with that "Back" button on the upper left corner.

I'm just wondering how the world cup fever hitting the nation can cause such funny unexpected observations between the people getting into the fever.

Specifying, Male - Female relation..... plus, mind talk conversations. Yeah, ok... I know what your saying, that I've been seeing our Jordanian director's, Amin Matalqa, movie: (If ...).

The other day, back in the 1st round of the world cup games, I've noticed a lady at Prime Megastore, Mecca Mall.

She was an Italy fan, dressed in blue, including an italy T-shirt ( not an official football T-shirt, but well), and yes she was cute and attractive for those who are wondering, while I was with my "typical" and "formal" Germany World Cup cap. We were both hitting the books, we were exchanging views, I personally was making out a telepathic conversation in my mind with her, something like:

Me: My dear beautiful lady, you are too beautiful to support some losers like the Italians.
She: Hell Ya you and your dodgy Germans.
Me: Eh, I wanted to tell you that I'd love to see you (and your team) near the finals, but I don't really think those lousy guys will pass the 1st round.
She: We'll see, Forza Italia.
Me: As you wish, have I mentioned that your gorgeous.

Now when this last sentence was going in my mind she went away to another book stand!

Anyway, we kept spinning around the place, and we kept getting in front of each other every now and then, our eyes were like greeting each other each and every while..... I dunno, It might have seemed that i was going behind her, but i wasn't, I don't do those stuff. (in case you are reading my dear italian lady).

Now as she left the place I was saying to my self: "eh ... sleazy dreams, and this concludes another one moment silent date ;P"

Half an hour later, down the stairs at (Forever 21)... oh my god, its her again!
I swear to god, if I wanted to meet her it wouldn't have been so!

PS: NO, my mum wanted my opinions in some stuff she was interested in at Forever 21, so don't think neither that way nor the other way round dirty minds!!

Last Night, Germany's game, I watched this one at Mecca Mall (read more here).
Leaving the mall after the game, my eyes got on another lady just getting up the stairs from the ground floor, that is while i was heading to the stairs to leave the mall. A Germany fan ;)

Now this lady was a real fanatic, with an original Germany football T-Shirt, she had Ballack's T-Shirt ;) especially after the victory, we were both cheered up, we were both (despite moving in the oppisite directions), staring at each other cheered up and smiling,,,,, we were telepathically speaking in away like:
"Yeah, we rocked the house, we kicked their asses, yeah baby, Germany roxxxx, nice T-Shirt, nice cap ;)"....

exactly one hour after, I saw the lady again in shmeisani!

We were both staring at each other and smiling again, having the same mental conversation we had at the mall ;)

PS: this happened in shmeisani as she was getting out from the car, while i was heading to my car to leave just across the street ;)

Now call this coincidence ;)

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