04 July, 2006

Radio Guide Update: Sout Ma'an

Sawt Ma'an, a local public radio station project, owned and powered by Al-Hussein University in the southern town of Ma'an, will be finally ready for the launch.

This project has been launched since over a year now, but it didnt complete the requirements for getting a license yet, yesterday it finally did. waiting for them to start the real work now, and in rich the local community with a bunch of good useful shows.

I know now that Yarmouk University is applying for a similar license as well, not to forget that they have a media and journalism department in there, such a station is more than a MUST.

hope they will move faster in the procedure!


A said...

By the way, this is the way to a "federal" country: devolve power, give each region control over its internal management (and the radio is a very powerful tool for opinion shaping). It is not a bad thing to devolve power, so long that the right people sit in the right places. But I dont think this is the aim of the old 3-"federations" in Jordan that was announced a couple of years back.

Anonymous said...

How do you know Fann FM is owned by the Armed Forces? I thought it is owned by Mohamad Ulayyan

nasimjo© said...

Nope anonymous, it is owned by the Jordanian Armed forces but operated by a private company, which is: Al-Kawn for Media And Broadcasting.

A, yes i agree with u ... and its definately a right thing to do when the official governmental broadcasting cant cope with the needs.

my quest at the end of the post was just for irony!