01 July, 2006

Watching last night's Germany game at Mecca Mall

God, there were hundreds in there last night. I watched the game at Flavors, were i barely found were to sit, I sat at the tables in front of the bar, with tens of small TVs in front of me, unfortunately i couldn't get any chance at the big screens on the left side of Flavors, nor at the big screen on La Cabana (which are displaying the game from the viaccess cracked SF2 not ART), where Argentineans took over those two places before the start of the game, there were some Germans who got a place on the wide screens though.

There were Argentineans all over the place, I mean all over the place, especially at those two big screens on my right and my left.

And god how noisy they were... especially during the penalty kicks.

A funny thing was the fact that the goals were getting in on SF2 before ART, so when the Argentineans got their 1st goal those at La Cabana were screaming even before the corner was played on ART ;))))

during the penalty kicks there were like 200 people in front of La Caban out side the cafe standing and watching the game, and around 500 in front of flavors all the way from the electric stair until Prime Megastore.....

I was feeling the floor's ground shaking!

Especially with those people jumping around each and every penalty kick ;)

A funny thing that when the German goal keeper defended the last kick and made Germany win, i saw a German flag rising out of the bunch of 50 Argentineans at the nearbying La Cabana ;)

I think i should also tell you about 2 weired guys at flavors last night, showing out how many silly guys we have in our community nowadays (yes, I do agree with you Roba).

One was the guy at the bar sitting in front of me, he was a saudi kido (around 17-18 years old) with his funcky 80s hair, white dishdash, and a cheep plastic flip flop (yes, that brown ugly model called 7affaieh!).

Damn it, he was spinning all the time on that bar chair, he didnt know even how to sit, nor how to rotate his self on it! And he flyed his 7affaieh several time :/

All what he was doing was holding a pin and staring at girls passing by behind the cafe, he sometime even left the place hurrying after a bunch of them!

Sick people, sick minds!

Another weired guy was one that shared the table with me during the 1st 70 minutes or so of the game (since there a lot of people, people were getting together on the same table to watch the game, with direct separated bills to avoid payment conflicts).

He ordered a coffee and a chocolate cake, the last of which he didn't even touch, he wasnt really interested in the game either, he was there just to show off !!!!!! with what he ordered and his mobile he was “using” all the time.

And yes, he left around the minute 70 of the game and didnt even touch the cake!

Did I mention he was around 30 years old!? Now those are sick people! And this is why the mall is a place you should hate after all what ever places it may encapsulate!

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