08 July, 2006

Play 99.6's podcast IS NOT the FIRST in the middle east! Not even in Jordan!

Now I've wanted to write about this, but was kind of busy.

Yes, the PLAYCAST, is not by any mean as Play 99.6 is claiming to be the 1st Radio station's podcast. Because there ARE others using it since quite a while ago.

RMC, or Radio Monte Carlo, which is the middle eastern section or RFI (Radio France International) WAS the 1st radio station in the region and the middle east to have itsown shows on PODCASTS.

RMC's podcasts, as you might be able to mention HERE, are dedicated for several shows, and are updated in a more professional way than play's even, hint hint: XML FEED.

Well I know that Play have this tenancy to keep calling it self "Jordan's No 1 Hit Music Station" and its shows with "Jordan's Official Chart Show", and "Jordan's Official Request Show", and "Jordan's Official World Cup show" .... but.....

RMC do have "REAL" activities in Jordan, especially when we talk about cultural events (I Shall be posting about the RMC awards taking place in this year's Jerash Festival as I would be getting more information about it hopefully).

They don't have the right to get over a big station like RMC!

I mean, RMC has been here for Ages, they had their 1st ever 24h FM station in Amman, they had their 1st local studios and offices in Amman, and they transmit in Jordan now on TWO frequencies (97.4 in Amman & 106.2 in Ajloun and the North) covering over 4 million people of jordan's population.

While Play's transmission barely covers 60% of Amman! (in case you don't believe it, just have a drive west on the University street and tune in to "Play" after you reach Addustour Newspaper's building!).

And finally, RMC's podcasts are real shows that have place on the airwaves as well, I didnt figure out what prevents those couple of guys from Play saying what they are presenting in the podcast on air as they are claiming!

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