08 July, 2006

IT graduation songs ;)

This post published earlier by the title (BARMAJEE YA BARMAJEE), were some of the lyrics we were singing in our graduation last sunday.

seems nobody could guess them though ;)

Yes, My Graduation was last sunday, I didnt post about it because of the lack of the pictures i have for the celebration, simply because i decided not to use the digital camera for it,,,,, we wanted to have real memories, not digital vanishing ones ;) so we went back to KODAK :)

anyway, my mum had a couple of pictures with the digital camera, and here is one posted right now.....

Our ceremony included The Engineering and IT students (considered a men Party ;))
but it also included the faculty of Sports chicks (appearing in the picture below)

Click on the pic to amazingly make it huger :)

and this, in case you dont know is my faculty: HUIT, were HUIT 2002 graduated from;) and man we're like fire :)


Roba said...

Mabrook mabrook!

nasimjo© said...

Thanx Roba ;)


Firas said...

Khatabet wella lessa?

Moey said...

Mabrook Man, 3ogbalna ;)

Opairah said...

5le9na mennak :)
h3 h3 h3

Honestly-Us said...

Hello Naseem
Mabrook for the graduation. I was there and it completely sucked. I saw you and I was thrilled when they mentioned your name. You looked really cute. Our graduation ceremony was in the same day after yours.The Arts students' graduation. Oh man, fada7ona.

nasimjo© said...

3o2balkooo everyone....

Opairah, yeah , i bet ;)

honestly-us: hmmm, from your profile i read that you are a couple of ladies studying at my university, apparently i do not know you! I wonder if you do! hehe ;)
Our graduation was nice after all, not better than the Economics graduation, which was the best.... and dont tell me about the arts grad, i heard about it :P

hmm,, thanx for calling me "cute",, and about the "HOOOOOO"s when they called my name, well you know, they are brazil's fans after i bet they will get beaten the night before ;)

I'm a germany fan, thats why :P
thanx for the wishes after all... read you.