19 July, 2006

A disappointing Global Village

Did anyone go until now to this year's 2nd Global village?

I know Jad did, coz I saw him there....

I dunno, but, last year's was better, or this is what i felt, despite this year's space is larger.

The Jordanian section, not to mention, was, as always, empty .... mostly, despite its the largest section. But .... UUHHHHH! What an Ugly outside it had!

Last year the Jordanian branch wasn't that “nice” either but it had a nice “FACE” from the outside, and one that was attracting people after all!

The Main sponsors “Jordan Telecom Group” aren't playing either any serious role in this years Global Village, except for some Ads here and there and an empty tent..

Last Year Umniah was blowing the place with all sort of stuff!

I'm afraid that the idea organizer's concentration on having other global villages in other arab countries is decreasing the concentration on Jordan's Global Village!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Leave is to the Wasta to keep fucking Jordan up. Mediocrity First or was it Jordan First. Man, I am so sick and tired of things in JOrdan always moving in reverse when in rest state. Dammit. when will this national incompetence end. This is like the cancellation of Jerash festival due to internationl problems then blaming it on the strife in Lebanon and Palestine. Shame.