02 April, 2007

Mozilla (with Firefox) keeps kicking Micro$oft's *ss*

Now this is what i call a happy piece of open-sourced news :) Via /.

According to the german tech-site heise.de, the Mozilla Foundation is suing Microsoft over the use of tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer 7. The Mozilla Foundation owns the patent 5,160,296 through one of their developers (Solomon Katz, a former Opera dev) and has begun suing Microsoft in Mountainview, California. The Foundation wants that MS immediately ceases to distribute IE 7 and pays 1.4 Billion dollars in damages. Heise reports that Microsoft has issued no official response, but is contemplating to ship IE 7 NT (no tabs).

Did any one mention the huge relation between Micro$oft and *ss* lately ... its a fact, alot of people rely helplessly on both :D


Qwaider قويدر said...

You know, if anything. This should be an eye opener for everyone using Firefox. You know why? For a FREE browser, there sure is A LOT of $$$ behind it in the law suit asked.
What happened to "Open" and "Free" and all that BS?

Just a proof that, everyone is looking after "The bottom line" and that is $$$$. Mozella, Microsoft and everyone else are just after thier own benefit..

Yalla.. Saba7 el Full man :)

abu_alfouz said...

y3ne srgho elfkra o yarethum zb6oha!

Everyone that used the tabs in the two browsers knows that IE 7 tabs mechanism cannot be compare to the Mozilla one.

Open source doesn't mean free. and making money doesn't mean steal.