29 October, 2005

CHAT! A Digital Multimedia-based Arabic novel

CHAT! Is Mohammad Snajleh’s latest Digital Novel, the 2nd after his 2001 “One’s Shadow”...
As Mohammad declares, its all about writing it with sight, seen, and sound! Rather than the pen!

In order to “All Scenes” read the novel just click on: www.arab-ewriters.com/chat/

I wont talk about the novel it self leaving it for you to check it out.

Its just about this concept; Moving Arabic Novel Publication, even international Novel Culture into a completely new trend.
This Novel it self has been established in a really very smart“All Scenes dependent” way using Macromedia Flash to program it.
Check The Arab Unioin for Internet Writers for more about the groups’ production and trend in establishing the Digital Multimedia Novel Culture

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