22 October, 2005

Reporting: The Royal Film Committee’s shows around Jordan

As mentioned in an earlier post by me, the Jordanian Royal Film Committee had started to get some activities running outside Amman. & as Promised then, I would be telling you about Jerash’s show held on the 12th, but unfortunately didn't have enough time to write about it, besides the effects of blocking Blogger’s domain on the students account inside the university.

Anyway, the show had (I say) a pretty good audience in Jerash, around 60-70 people, different ages, males and females, and even families!

The audience seem to have liked most the film that wasnt planned to be shown, that is : Amin Matalqa’s “Suffi Suffi” ;) this film was an add on for the show, but seemed to be the most popular one ;)
The Audience was interested in Amin & Lina’s “Crossroads” as well as Yahya Al-Abdallah’s “6 minutes”, & laughed with “Zeidan & Hamdan” ... & went hilarious with the shows surprise “Suffi Suffi” ;)

The only annoying thing in the show were the kids at the back whistling between films flipping.
I guess the Jerashi people will be waiting for your “Zee7i Zee7i” anyways Mr Matalqa;)

Ajlun’s show was last monday, I didn't hear anything about it till this very moment, did you, please add your comments about it.

By this the committee had had its round up shows in Aqaba, Kerak, Madaba, Salt, Mafraq, Jerash, & Ajlun.
Actually i didn't know about Aqaba, Kerak, Madaba, & Salt shows just several days ago! Hmmmm,, I guess it was film makers duty to tell us about them!

I hope more and more round ups would have place each and every several months, this was a start, some shows had audience, some didn't.. very natural in my opinion, the unnatural thing is to quit such a great idea.
The Show must go on, Respect to Jordanian Royal Film Committee.


Amin Matalqa said...

Thanks for the report Nasim. How exciting. People need to laugh, and I'm so happy I can be part of the source of laughter. So now the pressure is on to make Zee7i Zee7i better. I like pressure. Cheers!

nasimjo© said...

Zee7i for ever ;)
Thanx for the best film maker ever ;)