08 September, 2005

Music TAG!

I'm tagging all Jordan Planet Members for a Music tag..! Since I couldnt make it in the yesterday on the Jordan Planet Meet Up & for the 2nd time in a row, Im still interested to know more about the members of the most exciting community I've ever seen in my life! since I brely met a coupla of you guys for once or twice each,talked thru the phone or email about "Business" with 4 or 5 beside the two mentioned above.

Being a Music obsessed guy, & being able to get an image (Maybe not as specific as you might think) about People according to the music they listen to & they keep (Keeping music is slightly different from listening to it!)

Here are the questions that Im tagging the planet members with, ill be answering them my self within a couple of weeks from now:

PS:Digital Music ONLY is survied in here,no Cassettes please!

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands that makes the biggest part of your musical collection in Minutes (Ex: Metallica = 570:55 Mins , Opeth= 470:04 Mins) ... its up to you to mention as many as you can as well as you consider them taking a "part" of your collection

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands you have FULL Collections by them, all the CDs, all the Demos, & even Concerts & gigs.

- Please Mention Musical Sets that you conside "Precious" in your collection (Ex: The Jimi Hendrix Experience (4 CDs Box Set) )

- Please Mention the latest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection

- Please Mention the Oldest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection

- Please mention any Vinyls you may own (Vinyls arent digital Music so they arent counted in the question before but this question is a special case)

- Please Mention Albums/singles from your collection that your proud to have!

- Please Mention Radio Station you do check or tune in,NOT THE FAVORATE, but a list of those you keep checking, either Local,Arabic, English, Internation Services broadcasting Locally, forgin Radio Stations through the internet or satellite, or forgin station in your resident country if your a jordanian living outside jordan.

... & Thats all,It might take you some time to re-organize your musical collection for this lil' thingy in here... you might unleash some old CDs or files that you forgot about on the shelves,Everyone in the Planet is tagged....
Jordan Planet Monitors & non members are welcome to participate through a comment on this post.

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