12 September, 2005

My Music Tag!

Since No one except for Palforce did the tag I posted ... I'm publishing my responses (Me tagging My self ;) Hoping By this to motivate other bloggers in publishing theirs !

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands that makes the biggest part of your musical collection in Minutes
Metallica 570:55 Mins
Opeth 490:04 Mins
Anathema 453:23 Mins
Nightwish 404:19 Mins
Evanescence 345:15 Mins
Bjork 316:20 Mins
Jimi Hendrix 259:29 Mins
ATB 240:38 Mins
Alanis Morissette 223:54 Mins
Led Zepplein 218:21 Mins
Linkin Park 188:11 Mins
ColdPlay 186:35 Mins
Within Temptation 181:32 Mins

The Music I have in total is enough to be played non-stop for just over 10 days including just under 3200 tracks from more than 370 Artists & Bands & Part of 243 Albums

- Please Mention the Artists/Bands you have FULL Collections by them, all the CDs, all the Demos, & even Concerts & gigs.
Opeth 490:04 Mins
Nightwish 404:19 Mins
Evanescence 404:19 Mins
Linkin Park 188:11 Mins
ColdPlay 186:35 Mins
Dido 105:50 Mins
Avril Lavigne 101:35 Mins

- Please Mention Musical Sets that you conside "Precious" in your collection.
*A recording of DJ Wajih Halaweh's Mixology on Radio Jordan FM Featuring DJ Nemesis (of course when Dj Wajih was doing it great at Jordan FM before he went behind the seen & got of RJ FM doing I dunno what managerial stuff in Play FM after he was hittin all the fine nightclubs in Amman along with his very Famous show Mixology)...exclusive stuff for Radio Jordan FM.

*absolutely every lil' thing Amy Lee Sang..Alone,with David Hodges,with Seether, with Big Dismal, being a part of evanescence...I even have one personal track of her for that "never been" lover!

* Qulture By our Beloved local Dj Qussay Asad, 3 collections: Qulture1 (2 CDs),Qulture2 (2 CDs), Qulture 3 (3 CDs) = 551 Minutes of Trance,Hourse,& Techno from the finest Djs & Bands Mixed By DJ Qussay Asad (& Yes I got them waaaaaaaaaay before Play FM was even Born!)

*Deep Purple - Machine Head Anniversay Edition (Double CD)

*Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Box Set) (4 CDs)

*Paul Van Dyk - Reflections(Special Edition) (double CD)

*ATB - The Dj In the Mix (Triple CD)

*ONE Digital ORIGINAL TRACK By .... Abu Yousef in 192Kbps Quality ;) for realy! .. its the only arabic track that i hv!

*Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I,II,III,IV

*Tracks By Linkin Park when they were Called "Hybrid Theory",way before releasing their Debut album entitled "Hybrid Theory"

*A Metal Tribute to ABBA

*Bjorks latest CD! Drawing Restraint 9 ... Drawing Restraint 9 never appeared in Jordan till this very moment Im posting this, this Album simply Moves you to Japan..! it even has a track called (Shimenawa) .. Bjork participated in the Live G8 from Japan,she has been very influenced by their culture Starting her 2004 Album (Medulla).

*Gorillaz - Demon Days, Because we had it specially provided at LC (Listeners Choice) at Radio Jordan FM after their 1st albums big success in Jordan.... I had this album 3 weeks before its release ;) I love it!

- Please Mention the latest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection
*Opeth - Ghost Of Perdition
*t.A.T.u - Dangerous & Moving
*Bjork - Drawing Restraint 9
*Rihanna - Music of The Sun
*The PussyCat Dolls - PCD
*The Rolling Stones - A bigger Bang
*McFly - Wonderland
*Staind - Chapter 'V'
*Kanye West - Late Registration
*Craig David - The Story Goes
... All entered my collection during last week & still playing in my headphones as you to the right of this post on my blog,,,it was maybe the my BIGGEST week in music EVER! Maybe that's why I decided to go for that Music Tag thingy!

- Please Mention the Oldest album you had in your so-called personal Music collection
as Digital Music,the 1st album i got was The 1st CD I ever bought, it was Alice DJ - Who Needs Guitars Anyway
but as for non Digital Music My very 1st was a Tape for Ace of Base (Happy Nation)

- Please mention any Vinyls you may own.
None :/

- Please Mention Albums/singles from your collection that your proud to have!
*The Abu Yousef's Track mentioned Above.

*Gorillaz Latest Album "Demon Days" Mentioned Above Why & How!

*A recording of DJ Wajih Halaweh's Mixology on Radio Jordan FM Featuring DJ Nemesis,Mentioned Above Why & How!

*My Evanescence & Amy Lee collection,Mentioned Above Why & How!

*Qulture Sessions By Dj Qussay Asad, Mentioned Above Why & How!

*All Opeth collection are available on my PC in TRANSPARENT CD Quality! VBR Baby;) That Means if one touch from Mikael Akerfeldt on the guitar costs 500 Kbps, YOU WILL BE HEARING 500Kbps ;) IE: There are more data in a song than a Video... which mean You'll be anywhere else but on earth while hearing it ;) THOSE ARE THE BEST MUSICIANs ON PLANET EARTH at the Moment at least ;)

- Please Mention Radio Station you do check or tune in.
Sorted By Weekly Time Tuned in:

* Radio Jordan FM 96.3
* Mood 92 FM
* Play 99.6
*Used to Monitor some UK radio Stations through Astra Sat...now the lack of time is preventing me,used to tune to BBC Radio 1,Capital FM, XFM, Radio Virgin..... etc

That's of course beside being a Radio Media Development analyser Having created the 1st Jordanian Airwaves Guide ;)

I tag,,for the 2nd time... all jordanian Bloggers! You knew everything about my music,let my know yours ;)


BlacK^IcE said...

Eish ya mr naseem!
i guess u should mention to whome the credit goes ya3ney for such a "collection"!
walak talat terba3ha men 3endey!!!

esma3... change it to what 3abboud does have... n exclude the gay music part... the pop n alternative.. avril lavigne gal LOL...

esma3... eza bet7eb fey 3endey kaman full collection ORIGINALS la slayer.. eza 7abeb t7ot-ha 3endak ka manzar... coz bagoss eidy u lsn to half of that shit lol...

again.. talat terba3 that comes from the majestical inferno of BlacK^IcE... =)

tc collecta!

and oh btw... Ghost reveries for opeth... as an old fan... the real opeth fans know that it sucks... same as damnation n deliverance.. so ya it does suck...

nasimjo© said...


Yeah ppl,Most of Metallica & Opeth's stuff are from 3abood... except for Metallica's St. Anger & Opeth's Ghost Reveries.

;) of course along with many other stuff...Led,Jimi,Deep purple...

But Please bood,no bad words in here please... use stars ************** ;)

But i do lsn to everthing i have ... maybe less for the new stuff until they get old ;))))) hehe...for example from the whole i got last week & listed in the post,i gave attention only for Opeth's new album... & Yes,its not like morning Rise or My Arms your Hearse... But still considered better in my point of view than many other Metal Bands stuff!

Just a personal thought..

thanx for your comment... & hey,why dont u get a running blog Mr Bood!???

Nadeen said...

First of all, Let me congratulate u on this blog! its really a nice one! Second, Thank you for the long comments u left at my space hehe (i really like long deep comments so i actually enjoyed them and i wasnt telling u to shut up!!!) hehehe
Keep it up!! interesting topics! Hope u enjoyed the meeting today if u were there!! :)

nasimjo© said...

Thanx Nadeen;)
no unfortunately couldnt be there...im a friday-out person ...! They didnt agree to make it on a friday... & still next meet up is a sunday...! Hope one day they'll be convinsed :P

Back to u..
Thanx alot for the comment..glad you liked the topics around here... Hope U checked the archives as well,cause i've checked Urs..

keep tuned :) Thanx again!

Saqf said...

I am just amazed someone else in Jordan has Drawing Restraint 9!!
What a pleasant surprise! :)

Just for the record, I saw her live during her Vespertine tour. ;)

nasimjo© said...

I thought for a moment i know all those who dare to lsn to Bjork in Jordan.. amuzingly I might have just now adding u to the list ;)

Keep Hearing Good music !