06 September, 2005

The ONE.. Total Life Experience!

The ONE, one of the finest "funky Home stuff" store in town..if not the only ONE!
kudos to The ONE Cafe part of the store its self...
not for having the best cuisine in town,
not for being the most relaxing place i've ever been to in my whole life,
not because my friend & colleague Diana works at The ONE,


Because the wonderful environment of the one cafe made my parents get back togather!!!

its just that this place has too much magic in it!


Anonymous said...

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Ameen Malhas said...

I'm guessing the previous comment is spam. But at least it's informative.

I agree The One is the one for me. My sheets were polyester before The One. Mad props.

nasimjo© said...

I know,it is SPAMish ... but i wont delete it ... Freedom of spam :P ,,,
well,not really if ill get pissed :P

"The One is the one for me" .. nice expression

Roba said...

I loveee The One! Their furniture is absolutely gorgeous.