26 September, 2005

Bin Ads in Jordan, Creatively Ironic

Creatively Ironic.... I hope people will get it this way ... at least,,,,

For Real,I guess one day we'll need to get Cindy Crawford making a promo on JTV throwing something in the Bin & all the guys going behind her throwing in the Bin & going after her... "Be clean, throw it in the Bin & Follow me!" !

I hope such ads in the newspapers will affect some people at least, Sha3teelee's Latest Post
is just an example to how un respectful those Bins are in town, again & again , its about Culture, Its about Kids Learning from their parents, its useless if you teach kids how to be clean in a clean environment in a subject or 2 at the school if he is leaving it right the opposite way with his parents & the community around him/her.

Sorry for the Quality of the Pic, it was taken Late Last night using My Cam from Yesterdays Al-Rai Newspaper.

Thanx for the Greater Amman Municipality for its efforts, as well as the newly formed Ministry of Environment.


Omario said...

I think you are right but, dont we need to have Bins first? I spent like 10 minutes looking for a one today morning but i couldnt, so I saw a spot full of papers and threw it there since I really needed to get into the insurance company.

In Europe, there is a bin every 10 meters so you really dont need to throw anything on the ground, and some of them have ashtrayes! ;)

nasimjo© said...

I agree with you too,totally.. & its unusual to find people like me holding the trash in their pocket or Back Pack till they find one.

& many places where those exist, they are found empty!

at least look at our Universities & Campuses... it's like those people are movable Dumb Truck with all the trash flying away from them.despite Bins are BIG, COLORFUL & EVERYWHERE!

The problems that My University for examply looked more cleaner 3 years ago when i got excepted,the problem is still in those people.. & Trust me the service guys are "cleaning" all the time behind those young kids (I aint convinsed yet that all of them are Uni Students..!)

Aqaba is a place where Bins are everywhere... a problem still exist despite aqaba is a very clean Place..

in Amman those Greater Amman guys are working day & night doing there best,but i still agree with you regarding the Nr of Bins around & About.

Thanx for your comments

Omario said...

We really have a problem with our culture. And i always say, with all my respect, Our arabic world has been built & derived the Islamic culture as you know, not like Europe or USA cultures which have been built on Politcs & not religion.

However, my point is the Morals in our world are so damn bad! People pretend that they pray, fear god, never steal (in their own perspective), and never lie whatsoever, but think again, Morals & manners, God! its hard to find an honest seller, someone who respects time and appointments, driving is nasty, people always stare at each other, Maloh Hath lesh BeLed? and so many other things, now relate it to a clean environment, I think some people get proud when they throw things? Enno it gives some sort of self-satisfaction that they are breaking the law or challenging the government or the country!

So, as you said, maybe its not about the number of bins, its more about our culture that has been ruined so bad in all aspects! Allahomma people only Pray, thats it.

And as they say, Ma 3alaina :) Perhaps if Cindy comes here and do a TV ad, btw, Khatyarak Cindy? what about Paris ? :) I think that would change our culture so fast and effectively! Wallahi enha fekra!

Sobhanak ya rabbi :)

nasimjo© said...

This is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig subject to talk about .... But it is really the core of the problem.

i'm a person who "unfortunately" doesnt literally pray (I always Pray & related to god in "my ways") at the moment, I've quitted it a while ago thinking that i must fix some "stuff" in my self...! I'm simply ashamed of facing God Praying in a mosque while i do some mistake that i know there not good to do.. I really dunno how all those people Pray & make their self religious while everything in their daily life has nothing to do with islam, not even with God's way & reason that he created Humans for!

Anyway,this is a biiig subject as i mentioned before... I totally agree with ur both comments, really thanx for sharing ur thoughts around here.

& Hey,I've suggested Cindy because she's famous, Paris Hilton is still new around & about :P

Omario said...

Haha you are right! a big subject and waja3 ras, i already told you "Ma 3alaina"

Cindy is famous i know, but trust me, Paris's influence is Huger! :)

Anyways, De Nada Senor, awaiting more articles from you.