20 September, 2005

Such a Stupid .... Earthquake!

This Post discusses the Earthquake Rumor that Bloat in the Jordanian community last weekend – week start.

If your head is made of dumb stones STOP READING THIS CAUSE Im SICK OF ARGUING WITH YOU!
Else, even if your head is made of “Jameed” you can continue the post laughing ironically!

How did it start?!
I dont really know! How & Where?! I know that sometime about 10 days ago the ministry of education announced in collaboration with the Civil Defense Forces ( AKA Jordanian Ambulance, Rescue & Fire Department) a day of evacuation training on the 18th of September. I repeat, a fully planned & pre announced in the Newspapers training in all the schools around the kingdom.

((I personally didnt know about this training but saturday, but check the archives & figured out that it was announced way before as well as Thursday,Friday,Saturday & Sunday in a row))

On the other hand, at the company im training at an employee “Berj” said that he heard an earthquake on the 18th, of course we made fun of his idiotic thoughts!

Exactly the same day my mum said that being at one of her “friends”, her friends daughter said that she heard on the radio that an earthquake hit Mekka & its coming towards Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU ALL know me as a RADIO oriented guy! I kept flipping all the station that i can get thru FM & AM (remembering my old good AM skills ;) & i heard nothing about such news of an earthquake happening at Mekka! Besides,The statement “& Its heading towards Jordan” was a 100% Rumor indicator. What shall I say, I’ve crapped laughing that night :P

What Next!?
On Thursday, My dad,coming from Karak, said that in Karak & Tafile all the schools will be off! No,not that evacuation trainings will be performed but that people wont send kids to their schools because .....

Now be ready for this big lie ::::::::::::::::::::::::
Because Israel is getting rid of Her Dimona Nuclear Factory in the naqab desert & this will be making a huge destroying Earthquake!

WHAT ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok! as any explosion it will make some seism-waves in the earth but not “a huge earthquake” Damn it! My father was actually more afraid of Radiations!

“My dear father, those arent arabs to blow a bazooka over their heads when someone is married!”

I didnt argue with my father because i know he always believes people,so i was just making fun of him & the whole situation. But didnt argue with him anyway letting him discover it by his self... ironically!

Believe it or not, he even encouraged me to go to the University & see what happened with my registration & marks since the Hashemite University is a safe remote place!

Ma 3alena..

Saturday night’s hysteria!
I didnt witness that one! I’m a person who has been ‘fixly’ sleeping at 12 midnight to wake up at 6,15 AM.
Sunday morning, I was hearing the stories from people around..... I couldnt stand between them that morning not declaring my ironic laughing on the situation, want to laugh dear reader?! Read this!

“They” called us at 11,30 & woke us up, telling us that the earthquake will happen this night at 1,28 ... ya3nee by 1,30 it would have hit the town!

Since it didnt come I went to sleep & My children started to cry not wanting me to die sleeping!

“Grabetna el wasel”, “My cousin in the Army”, “my uncles nephew who is in the security ”, “a high official in the family” .... etc .. all of those where TRUSTED SOURCES assuring &/or Not excluding the Rumor!

I said let us pray a bit in order to assure our selves before the moment comes...

someone in Aqaba assured there will be an earthquake tonight.

Our neighbors are still awake in the home garden waiting for it!

& more ... & more ... & more of all this funny laughable Crap!

Oh dear me,Im still laughing while writing this to you,
of course dont forget that every1 had only Quraan on their Radios & players all day long on Sunday,& The Rumor Guy at the company ”Berj” didnt even come to work.
& hey, even my Mum (a Wise Woman!) kept arguing with me on the phone at around 11.30 to come back home from the company!

My Interesting Impressions!
* I didnt know we have such High Technologies of pretending earthquakes before it’ll happen with days & weeks & estimate when it will happen by the exact minute & even give the exact time it will reach to each & every town in Jordan!

* apparently such high technologies are all located in Aqaba!

* & Yeah, in each & Every town in Jordan people were hearing another time for it reaching the town ... hehe, it would have reached Jerash at 1.30 & Amman at 3.20! even Gaza Camp Buses reach amman speeder ;P

* Tsunami!!!! Every1 forgot that it was a full moon night & the sea water’s level & its waves are normally to rise in such a night!

My Impressions! Sorry Jordan, YOU WERE STUPID!
Yeah, Our community was the silliest, most stupid & the most ******* !
The problem that each & every time you would explain to people about it that not even those Japanese couldnt announce an emergency state before a quake but 3-5 minutes before!

No one can understand that an earthquake hitting aqaba cant make a Tsunami without people feeling it, neither that no Tsunami can be formed in Aqaba Gulf, not even in the the shallow & tight Red Sea.

For everyone who remembered God I said Good morning. God’s the creator,didn’t you know that?!

I dont know why but Im sick of all my explanations to those people. Im really sad & feeling very unpleasant from how this community acted & dealt with those Rumors, not only that , but some came out with stories that it actually happened in Aqaba but didnt reach amman, & others that it will be coming Sunday night being just a mistake in “Calculations!”
Like if we have the greatest Mathematicians & physicians in the whole wide world!

& Of course now street political experts came out with the conclusion that the government made this out to make people forget about Fuel prices rising. The problem is that those people don’t even know how much the fuel is rising!
5% my dear not 30 % !! & diesel is rising 22% not 300% …. Yeah, I heard it 4 times till now from people! 300%!

Finally … We Need a Solution!
Reading & Thinking…. The most rare resources in our community!
If you don’t know something say I don’t know, stop analyzing & dropping us with your precious thoughts.

Honestly, if I would have gone with the flow & believed all those things I would have been ashame of my self at least & not open my mouth with more Crappy stuff!

The Jordanian Community owns its self an official apology! Thank god we are a nation that doesnt know how to politely apologies but say “7AGGAK 3ARASEE”!

Sorry again, but still, i cant express my sadness & anger upon this incident, or shall i call it something else?! POLITE NAMES FOR THE SITUATION ARE WELCOMED!


nadeen said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hilarious!!!!! Thumbs up mate!! Great post! I agree with everything you said. It was pure stupidity. :)

nasimjo© said...

What should I've said then .... I just said the truth right in everyones face ... really hope some1 was taught a lesson in order to stop rumors in the future .. but its more about the culture built in people since the last centuries wars with israel... this "phenomenon" might need another not less than 30 years to vanish.. thats if it will .. vanish!