15 November, 2005

Protests in HU

Unlike Other Campuses and places around jordan, along with the fact that the security forces have got the bitch and unveiled about the attacks, Peaceful protest were held in the Hashemite University, where everyone was Proud of being Jordanian and Proud of the jordanian security discovering the attackers and capturing the Bitch. Despite most of the students know at least 1 person who got hurt or passed away cause of those attacks.

Mourning announcements where everywhere, Ra2fat was one of our colleagues who have just graduated last semester, brothers and cousins of others also passed away... still, everyone was feeling stronger and proud of being Jordanian.

Those Pictures (some of which you have seen already) describe the situation last monday, The University was completely off for 4 hours , a big silent protest made by Prof and Drs also took place and ended at the Sports hall where deans and the president held speeches condemning the attacks (No Photos since i didnt prepare my self with new batteries, Sorry!).

a Slight rise in Al-Ghad's Popularity was felt that day!

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