24 November, 2005

in Response for My Review about the Jordanian FM station after Amman's Attacks

In reply to my after Amman's Attacks review about the Jordanian FM stations, This comment was in reply of it but was posted on quiet an old post by Ahmad Humeid (October 2005) assessing the Jordanian airwaves status.
As part of my Blog Policy where anyone has the right to comment as he/she wishes as far as suitable words are used, & since this comment ,for a reason that i dont know, must have been on reply to my post and was submitted somewhere else. Dear My Blog Reader you have the right to read it as well!
Here is the Comment by Nadim Attieh:

Nadim Attieh Says: November 11th, 2005
at 1:02 pm
Nasimjo… Who are you?
Most of the Radio Stations on the Ammani spectrum are … a shame? First of all, allow me to ask who are you? Apparently nothing, just looking around some topics to criticize…
I saw your blogs and you were as usual criticizing radios playing normal upbeat music on that dark day (09-11-2005) well let me ask you this. If someone of your family members has a cancer, you dress up in black and sit and cry next to him? Or
you’d do anything to cheer him up?
Mr. Nasimjo… yesterday was perhaps one of the darkest days Jordan has ever faced. The overall mood was depressing and there was darkness in the hearts of many. Everywhere a person looked there were constant reminders of the tragedy that happened. Every station on TV showed the horror and every radio station silenced it’s voice in solidarity to play classical music which is to them a sign or respect. Some of the radio stations you personally dislike decided to show their solidarity in another way… they did not dim their broadcast nor did they play classical music. Did they do this for popularity or for ratings? NO! And if you think that then you are sadly mistaken. They did this for 2 reasons:
1) To provide an ESCAPE from all the drama and sadness that was found everywhere in the past 24 hours. They did this to lift the spirits of those who were sad and upset by this nightmare. Music is known to sooth even the harshest of minds in the darkest of moments. They provided an escape from what’s happening for those who NEED it or WANT it. Even if it’s in the span of 3-5 minutes in a track. They would never do anything to disrespect our country for at the end of the day without the listeners and the fellow countrymen… what purpose do they have?
2) The Second reason they aired their upbeat music was to send a strong message that says there are some aspects of Jordanian life that will never be affected by these murderers. They may bomb and try to put us down… but they will never diminish our will to move on.
Mr. Nasimjo… With all due respect, you seem to know so much about the music industry as well as the intricate details of the radio world. With such knowledge and
data I strongly advise you to open up your own radio station and make millions.
You seem to have all the answers. Until then though please do everyone a favor and keep your comments applicable when you yourself have done something CONSTRUCTIVE in the world of FM.
Oooh! And by the way, if you’d like to discuss it, feel free to add me:

Now in reply to Mr Nadim I say:

1- My opinions are kept as mine, just like yours are yours.. this was the way i saw it, & this is my review regarding it using obvious facts not thoughts or claims.

2- My Comment that you might have replyed on in Mr Humeids Post was submitted before those attacks happened, which means there's a "Problem as i claim" already!

3- "....If someone of your family members has a cancer, you dress up in black and sit and cry next to him? Or you’d do anything to cheer him up?..." ... well, except the fact that a cancer affected human is not considered to be dead, I'm refering to the respect those stations are paying for the country and nation that were hit by those attacks.
in an ordinary day 100s of people might die in Jordan, With respect to all the families of all those affected by the attacks, I'm saying the the reaction of the radio stations is not to be targeting the family of those mainly, but the situation the country and nation is passing through.

4- of course not for rating or advs! during those days I didnt hear not even one single adv on those stations that did cope with the atmosphere. while on the other hand, Radio FANN FM had advs even through the Live transmission of the 5th-3rd Circle March!

5- What a "strong message" is that with dumb and random non stop music! Even my MP3 player had a "stronger message" regarding what happened!

6- Still wondering why you didnt post this on my Blog! Dont worry, I wont delete it! I'm a person with ethics!


nadeen said...

Well said Nassim! I hope Nadim (beat fm manager) saw it by now ... and if he did and read my comment i hope he will have something in response to that...

ADmin said...

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