14 November, 2005

To Jordan Planet with respect,

To Jordan Planet with respect,

Before anything, condolences to jameed and his family, I guess each and every Jordanian knows at least 1 person affected by those attacks…. At least, that’s what im observing until this moment.

Respect to All Jordan Planet’s residents for being there, representing (or even Totally representing) a group of people inside the Jordanian Community and its feelings.
From Breaking news, to updates, to demonstrations, to streets, to newspapers, to News TV stations, to Local Radio Stations, to capturing the criminals, to Students on Campus, to Poor’s reaction, to Wealthy people’s reaction, to kids reaction, to Jordanian’s reaction, to foreigner’s reaction ….. Jordan Planet was a portal gathering each and every little thing in Jordan’s community regarding those incidents.

Thanks to Roba, Isam, Natasha, and Haitham for keeping the live updates up and running on Global Voices Online.
& not forgetting the Largest Photo Pools on Flickr in 1 single event I’ve ever seen.

Roba, Its Amman My dear, It’s Amman.
Lulu, Amman is all about Light and Love since the dawn of History.
Amino, Terrorism is not any “Human’s” Opinion, some creatures aren’t! Those creatures did it,,, but….
Hareega, But … The Wont “Yomzotoo Men el Mokhabarat”, They couldn’t, they cant…. THEY WILL NEVER AS A JORDANIAN HUMAN Lives on this Jordan. Each and every Jordanian is a Mokhabarat Mr Reega Hareega.. our mokhabarat community is our power, Jordanians are jealous on their country from such creatures…. But No, WE ARE A HAREEGA NATION, WE WON THE GAME.
Mira, not arabs, not humans, but creatures, simply dumb creatures.
Linda, The Jordanian Anthem is always blowing in our hearts… always, where there’s a Jordanian blood walking on this earth.
Firas, Our sky is our Balcony, here’s the flag hanged on it.
Lina, Emotions are like Sand, with Blood and fire it turns into ROCK, Bless You.
Isam, Tech speaks out Jordan against terrorism.
Jad, Waiting for you to drop down all those servers used by Zarqawi, Let JoLug rock and roll!
Natasha, while others protested on the streets of Amman, you did on the cyberspace like no one did in the cyberspace’s history.
Mozzy, We.Are=Anti.situation(terrorism);
Ibrahim, and whats better than a vacation dedicated for the nation when it really needs it.
Oleander, when the media is dumb, we are the heroes.
Khaled and sabri, The heroes for the dumb media.
Naseem (V 1.0), who needs cable when there’s JordanPlanet, and with a political Naseem in Jordan Planet.
& with Isam Sameir, Mercy on Jordan.

Suffering from Internet Lack, I couldnt be that active on the Planet those days, always when i wanted to post about a demonstration or a news some already got it, & being against redundancy, I didnt post but ONE Post during those incidents.

I dunno, Im still out of words for what happened, But very proud of our people's react with it, proud of our country, & proud of Jordan Planet.



Nas said...

lol at v 1.0

i shud consider an upgrade i suppose!

Norma said...

My sympathy for what has happened to your country.

nasimjo© said...

Thanx Norma...
Nas, hehe ,, its just that ur a member of the planet before me , thats all ;)
Thanx dude for your awesome posts. respect