10 November, 2005

11/9 ,the Jordanian Version of 9/11!

Shocked By last night’s incidents....
Instead of re-writing facts of last nights event, I want to express some feelings and observations about it. Including Media and radio stations reaction.

The Jordanian police, Civil defense, Security forces, Anti-terro troupes, The Royal Engineering Armed Forces .... All respect, You have been the best.

Private Hospitals in Amman, Respect for the feelings with people and ignoring your usual costs bureaucracy and being the primary help desk for all those affected by the attacks.

Yesterday there where Ambulances from the Civil defense, Ministry of Heath, Private Hospitals ( Jordan, Amman , Islamic, Khalidi, Farah, Takhasosee, Lozmella ,& others..) Red cross, Charities, The Armed Forces .... Respect.

Respect to JTV, France Press, Al-Arabia,& Al-Jazeera. ( with the 1st 3 more than the forth!).

Respect to all the Jordanian News papers’ journalists for being everywhere, in location, in hospitals, between the affected people, with the neighbors of the locations attacked.

Respect for The Only Private Radio Station who had their people in locations, Radio Amman Net.

Talking about Radio Stations, Here’s what i got today on the Jordanian FM airwaves until 2 PM Jordan Local Time:

-Radio Jordan Broadcasting: Live Open Air Public Show, analysis, News coverage, and National Music.

-Radio Amman FM: National Music , Live Shows, News.

-Radio Jordan FM: Classic Mellow Music, News updates and coverage, Live Analysis, LIVE ONLOCATION COVERAGE FOR TODAYS DEMONSTRATIONS, Live Open Air Public Show.

-RFJ: Classic Mellow Music, News.

-Radio Fann FM: Army Music, National Music, Live Open Air Public Show, News.

-Sout Al-Ghad: National Music.

-Mood FM: Normal Oldies Music varieties.

-Radio Rotana: Normal Upbeat Arabic Music Varieties (SHAME!)

-Beat FM: Normal Western Upbeat Music Varieties (SHAME!)

-Play FM 99.6: Normal Western Upbeat Music Varieties, switched to Mellow Sessions after midday, I’ve actually sent a message to Play around 9,30 this morning criticizing them and saying: “I guess it’s obvious and official that today is a national black day. Or is it that your ‘LOVE JORDAN’ slogan is just to make people ‘LOVE PLAY’! SHAME! ”.... I dont know if others have reacted the same with Play so that they WAKED UP around midday! I wanted to send a similar Message to Beat but couldnt get a contact nr or email so far.

UPDATE [27-Nov-2005]: in a meeting with Mr Zafer Younis - General Manager at Play 99.6; Mr Zafer Explained that the upbeat music on the morning of the 10th of Nov was computer controlled, no body was available at the station to stop it & the whole area where the station is located (That is: opposite to Le Meridian Hotel in Shmeisani) was closed by the security forces, being as well at an area leading to Radisson & Hayatt hotels that where hit by the terrorist attacks. As soon as access was allowed to the area music was changed. AKA: My Msg was viewed afterwards maybe.

-Radio Amman Net: NEWS, ANALYSIS, LIVE COVERAGE, maybe the best arabic coverage.

-Radio Ahlen: Mellow Music.

-Mazaj FM: Normal Arabic Varieties (SHAME!)

-BBC London: Poor Coverage, interest in the Egyptian elections.

-Radio Sawa: Normal Music varieties and news Headlines.

-Radio Monte Carlo Amman: Usual Programs.

-Panorama FM: Usual Programs.

Really shame on those careless about what happened last night, Shame!
Respect for Radio Amman Net’s and Radio Jordan FM’s reporters on-location.
Respect to Tamer Bataine and Mike Dardrian.

And finally, Respect to each and every angry Jordanian who feels that he/she can be part of protecting the society from such criminals. And let that flag up high in the sky.

By the way,

Jordan, Think Big! May God Bless you.


Palestine&Jordan said...

indeed shame on those people...i have mazaj and mood online and i was really discusted when i found them playing rubbish music at this terrible time...instead of at least showing respect to those innocent souls...
shame on them

nadeen said...

Nas, Respect goes for you! :) This was a great evaluation of the overall radio coverage and reaction to the unmerciful acts of terrorsim in our beloved city. Keep that up! but I just didn't get the part where you said: "Respect to JTV, France Press, Al-Arabia,& Al-Jazeera. ( with the 1st 3 more than the forth!)." ! May you please elaborate on this one?!

nadeen said...

Allow me Naseem, I know a guy who works as a DJ in Beat FM and I know the manager as well. I copied pasted what you wrote about them playing "Normal Western Upbeat Music Varieties", and that it was really a shame. However they asked me for the website and I gave it to them. They said that it's the fault of the owner of the station. I just hope they'll read this ou yist7o shwai. All Jordanians are hurt wether emotionally or physically and we only need people around to respect that.
I hope it will effect them in a good way after all.

nasimjo© said...

Thank you "Pal & Jor" who ever you are..

Nadeen, I know a DJ in Beat as well, who i got in a fight with long time ago regarding their station as a whole, There's absoloutly no difference between it & my Personal MP3 Player, But that My MP3 Player plays what i like!

Thanks for your efforts, I really wanted to get in contact with them (as They not the girl I know there)

about Jazeera, get it as is!
just an example of them yesterday that the police have arrested 120 People, after Mr Muasher's conference the nr turned to 12!!! Holy Zeros!
Besides, They had the most redundant news and pictures blaiming the police on not allowing them, Al-Arabia was broadcasting Live!

Anonymous said...

Its bullshit what your saying.. I'll find you someday

nasimjo© said...

anonymous, explinations please!!

Anonymous said...

i just want to show play 99.6 that i very much respect the fact that they're the only radio station in jordan that actually played soft music for 3 days, unlike others. thanks for the respect, thanks play 99.6. you're a REAL JORDANIAN RADIO STATION.

nasimjo© said...

They Werent the only as far as you can see up in here, maybe you should have specified it as "The Only English Jordanian private Station" ;)