14 November, 2005

My PC's Compound!

My PC's Compound mourning the innocent , its like a small closet where My PC & all its accessorries are.. this is where most of my time is spent, just wanted to share my Spirit's thoughts regarding those attacks against Jordan in a Picture and a coupla snap shots


Dar said...

lol i like the Jazeret al mansaf pic its pretty amazing , and i like the idea of the snapshot sounds cool , but dude is that windows millennium or whatsoever !!

nasimjo© said...

Win Millennium!!!
1 snapshot is a Windows, Win XP.but with the least possible stupid interface accessorries!
as for the other is LINUX, redhat Fedora Core 4... cool 1 right! it roxxx!
Jazerat al Mansaf, hehe, yeah indeed, the Hajjaj Bros are very creative