25 December, 2005

My 1st Personal Post!

Yes actually I figured out this is my 1st "Personal" Post on my Personal Blog! anyway...!
here it goes...

It Xmas, It's raining, It's lovely ... but!
It's the hardest Xmas i go through in my life,
I'm Home Alone, stuffed with several Projects passing in the most critical parts of it..
Xmas Tree is not on that table anymore, the table is full of pins and papers,
Xmas spirit and smell is not in the air inside this house..

My Mum ( the one who give's Xmas the needed spirit in the house ) is a side my Grandma all the way in romania who is in her last days of cancer,

We are all having this Sad spirit for what's happening there with my Grandma..

The house is cold this Xmas, it's really too cold.
Xmas launch will be cooked by me this year, using the best frozen products in town!!!!!
It will be right out of the oven, but not smelly nor fresh as it have been always,
nothing is red even this year around and about, maybe just what i have been wearing during the JP meeting.

I've open my eye's this morning with Dj Tamer Batine's voice on the morning madness show on 96.3 FM making fun of kids and saying : "Where's my present, where's my present?!"

I smiled ironically on his funny clip and looked at the mess around me in my bed room..
It's a cold cold Xmas.....

May God bring you a better Jolly Merry Xmas than mine.


Khalaf said...

Hi Nasim. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, and your lonely Christmas. Take it easy and go watch a nice movie. Try to stay out of the house, and be strong.

God bless.

kinzi said...

Nas, why didn't you let some of us know you would be alone? We would have invited you to celebrate with our family. It is a time for the body of Christ to be together. I'll pray for better days!

Are you part Romanian? Pachay, frata!

nasimjo© said...

thanx for the shared feelings, i've spent it cooking and programming;)

nasimjo© said...

Yes I'm half Romanian

kinzi said...

Fwarto bena! I used to work with Romanian refugees at a UN camp in Austria (probably before you were born). I learned some Romanian then. May God bless your grandma and your mom at this hard time. Your grandma has seen many changes over teh course of her lifetime there.

nasimjo© said...

"Fwarto bena!" I guess that should mean "Fuarte Bine" ;)
& "Pachay, frata" = "Pace Frate" ;)

Yeah she did:
The monarchy, The German's , The Russians, The comunists, The revolution, The New 'democratic' Comunists, and finally the liberals.

Thanks for the wishes Kinzi, really appreciate it from you

kinzi said...

God bless you, Nas! And thanks for putting up with my bad Romanian spelling. :) You have a beautiful heritage

damdoumz said...

:( so sorry nasim:(

nasimjo© said...

and she passed away!

Yeah, finally she have rested in peace last friday afternoon after fighting with the cancer for months...

May God Bless her soul

BlacKiCe said...

allah yer7amha man!
el ba2eyyeh b7ayatak...

about xmas ya wa7sh....
welcome to the club..
look at it this way... shu ye7ky 3abboud elly elo 4 sneen livin here on my own? ;)

Omlettes n Tuna all the way lol..

ciao fatso :D