24 December, 2005

My 1st JordanPlanet Meeting

And Finally a friday meeting, giving me the chance to attend ;)
Unfortunatelly I'm passing through critical moments and i couldnt attend for more than an hour and a half. I really wanted to stay til the very last moments when the table gets small and discussions get more oriented.

Next Time hopefully I will.
Canvas was "As Always" Great, I really do want to attend another meeting at that place, hopefully on a longer table ;)

Last nights meeting was a unique one having "representatives" from many Giant Jordanian Web Companies: Jeeran.com , Maktoob.com, Albawaba.com....

Yet, nothing seemed that technological in the conversations generally, despite half of the attendancies were Tech-related in a way or another (even Silicon Valley was in there ;).

It was a nice meeting as far as I was there, esp being my 1st....
I felt that feeling Roba talked about in after her 1st ever meeting: to meet people you know many things about, even how do they look like, but never meeting them face to face (ok, I've met some of those who were there before once or twice, but Well)

a funny thing is that i brought my Cam with me but forgot all about it!
hehe... in case u dont know, i have a fundemental thought in my deep mind that says: "Hell to photos, nothing beats being there: Seeing it, Feeling it & living deep inside of it".. i guess no cams would have described My Feeling being there last night.

Besides, Pictures took there werent that clear, U can view some on Roba's and Khaleda's Blogs.
(I didnt appear in any picture so far, My Arm just appeared in a photo by Roba, just beside Jad wearing Red "Heh, maybe my only demonstration for Xmas this year, since i wont be really celebrating it :/ ").
Seems that Everyone found yesterdays meeting kind of different from the previous ones (as far as it was described by them)..... I dunno, was it the place!? was it the very nice rainy weather outside and the warmness inside our souls for this meet up!?

I Loved yesterdays meeting rather than liking it actually, I'm keeping my fingures crossed for another Friday Meeting, one that i will stay til late discussing as many things as may come up to my mind.

Thanx JordanPlanet for being Jordan's Blogger seen in front of the whole wide world
Was it the place, was


Khalidah said...

I hear you Nasim, but I have to disagree on the photos issue; a picture speaks a thousand words my dear!!

Next time I will make sure to capture you in one of my photos :)

Dar said...

I think i really missed alot :)

Khalidah said...

Nasim, I checked my photos again and you do appear in 3 of them

Check them out :)

nasimjo© said...

aham, ok ... Using Adobe's Clorox (A K A : Photoshop) i appeared out of no where ;)

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BlacK^IcE said...

wal wal wal wal wal

roo2 roo2, kol had 3a meeting? shu walla ma 3reftak "7assas" la haddarajeh...

ta3allak marra 3al LUG meeting 3a haik...u won't ever forget such a thing i bet!
believe me.... i know better ;) lol