18 December, 2005

The International Children's Day of Broadcasting on Jordan FM

Last Friday, the 16th of December, over 25 Jordanian children from different ages, schools and background had the chance to go on the airwaves and get hilarious!

Radio Jordan 96.3 FM has offered the children free airwaves for 3 Full Hours, particularly the very famous and most popular show among all the English Speaking FM stations in Jordan: LC “Listeners' Choice”.

As each and every year, The Children had the MICs, The Mixers, the DJ-ing (ok, they screwed it up a lil bit, but well!), phone operations, and even presented a couple of News summaries and a main news bulletin.

From Activities and community work some of them have experienced locally and internationally, to issue related to violence and discrimination against children, to the role the media here in Jordan is interested in giving them freedom of expression, up to playing and speaking about all sorts of music, Harry Potter's latest movie, and finally to singing Xmas songs live on the air. The 3 hours were (as far as i mentioned as a listener) a complete vision of what do children want from Media.

Why isn't there any Media support for them?! Cant a local newspaper consisting of 90 pages offer a page for children, edited and left completely under children's control!
Cant the media corporation/companies understand that the media content oriented to children but control by elderly people is NOT what children want, neither what satisfies them!
Cant those Friday Children Page editors in Alrai and aldustour news papers understand that its useless to have control under what the must give for the children to read?! At least, cant they just loose control of Half of the weekly page for the benefit of the children their selfs!?

Why can't the Jordanian Broadcasting Corporation's Arabic radio Service give control for the children to do the children's shows on the Arabic Public radio service instead of having fat guys in suits controlling it (Literally speaking with apologies!), what, arent there enough talented children in Jordan! If there wouldnt have been, there wouldnt have been this yearly based “Special Edition” of LC each and every December on LC, not forgetting the fact the children's presence wasnt only on LC, despite the fact that LC was the show assigned to them, but they usually appeared on the “Friday Special” as well, one of the shows Jordan FM was famous through during the years 1998-2004.
And why did JTV minimize the children's portion this day to 1 and only 1 hour this year? (PS: even in the past years, i never felt that JTV was giving freedom for children on this day in the programs they would have participated in)

Being in Romania a couple of weeks ago (im of a Hybrid origin in case you dont know! Half Jordanian Half Romanian), and preparing for this International Children's Day of Broadcasting, The Romanian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Romania) have launched an FM station for the children, on an independent Frequency, operated by Children their self and oriented to them and playing their favorite romanian and western music, called “Radio Issy Betsy” ! And had even a big launch event in “Bucuresti Mall”.

Isnt such a station more important to our Jordanian broadcasting corporation from a French radio station that isnt french anymore for over a couple of years now!?
Or Isnt such a project more reliable for a wealthy investor than an aimless none-stop music station that will never be able to compete or differ than my CD changer or MP3 Player!

Question let to be answered from those “Personnel” who are concerned in the questions above, and who I know that “they” read my Blog!

As For all those who participated Friday in demonstrating how creative and talented Jordanian Children are when they have the chance... Way to Go, You are an example for your peers and a motivation for them,

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Anonymous said...

That sounded so cool. Thanks for sharing
I really hope to see more of that all around the world. we definitly have the format here in houston for something like that to be successful.

- Aaron
houston, tx