13 August, 2005

Assessing My Linux Event at HU

Ouh!what a day!I think even in hell you might work less!
The Event was fine but not as aimed by yours truly organizer, I just cannot imagine the fact why no-body works or want to be help, but claim that they are making everything.

In this post i'll be revealing facts that no1 knew till the moment, as well as obvious facts for each&every1 who was around while i working for the whole thing.
I'll be simply talking about each & everything i didnt like in my small event which was bigger once upon a time.

1- The Faculty of engineering Dean was problem Nr. 1.0.1 & the IEEE councilor was problem Nr. 1.x.x! The dean that has nothing related to technology was the reason of Postponing the event 3 times, minimizing the event to 1 jammed day, & changing our schedule even!!!!!

Some times caring about student that have lab exams! or not to get students bored,& others because he have no time or he's busy, & YARETOO he came!!!! after all those postpones he didnt even come, but also didnt send to any department the (TA3MEEM) he said that it's his authority to send them to the departments & Drs in the engineering faculty (Which didnt happen till this moment! despite its weekend!)& that our invitations can be sent to Drs & Departments outside the Engineering Faculty like my Fac of IT ,,,, not only that, but he didnt even tell the theater employees about our event so we kept till the last 15 minutes looking for those employees who i dont know what they do till this moment since I got into the uni!!!!!! & we didnt even configure the LAN IP address since Ammar was supposed to have used the internet during his session.

& The bigger chain of problems is our councilor who's more like a person that want to build a relation with the dean with this occasion,,,, I mean FOR GODS SAKE .... DONT PHUNK WITH STH YOU DONT KNOW OR CARE!!! LET US DO IT OUR WAY! DONT SCREW IT UP SHOWING YOUR THE GUY WITH RESPONSIBILITIES!!!

2- the IEEE councilor! believe it, he called me at 11.15 that asking why im still not at the theater, & That im not organized & this is impolite & I dont know what else of those crappy stuff,,,,,
I mean, Hello, I'm working, I'm not setting & Having fun, I've been working for a coupla days till 3 PM in the lab, & in the day of event I skipped all my lectures just to finish the work... besides, only at that time my colleague ahmad (who is the only from the IEEE committee that got my back & gave me a hand in organizing the event) got the theater employee,,,,, Do U know dear reader when did he get in..... AT 12.10 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Chief of my department (Dr Khaled Tahat) was there at 11.40 (who apologized for me when inviting him that he'll be late for 10 minutes)
Mr Kefah was lost on the highway & Got at 11.50, Mr Ammar Ibrahim who got Lost & got back to Amman to get back on the way to our uni also got at 12,,,,,,, ALL BEOFRE HIS EXCELLANCY COUNCILOR!!!

Thank God Kefah & Ammar didnt get as the councilor wanted at 10.45 !!!! KAN INFADA7NA!

During the Sessions he was acting like an instructor in a lecture!!! Hello!!!! We Are ... he tried to control & Change some stuff during the session, But NO WAY BABY.... Schedule Shift Doesn't mean change, but SHIFT,,Maybe squeezing! BUT NOT CHANGE! DUH~!

it was also obvious that he was just shaking his head trying to show impressive & exciting while I BET he was barely understanding whats going on!!!!!

hehe, 1 funny thing was him saying (& Trying to act dominant at the same time) commenting on Ammar's Session that: “this is what we want from our graduates, creating big systems not Games & stuff like that” ..... WHAT THE HELL!!!! Game Programming is one of the most complected & professional projects in the industry !!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Ma 3alena!

3- Reda Fedda, The IEEE Boss who came at 11.15 yet wanna check his presentation in the lab!!!! Fortunate for him that i didnt see the presentation about IEEE then since I was busy guiding Ammar & Kefah .... Inconsistency, Very Very Very Bad Background, Very ugly!!!! & With “Microsoft Certified” & “Cisco Partner” logos at the end of the presentation in a very bad resolution!!!! For A reason that i dont know why till the moment!! he claims it's to be a surprise for training courses “They” will be preparing!!
I dont know what kind of committee is this where individual say the wanna do sth for their benefits by the name of the whole group! & where sth is suggested to the whole committee left for just 1 individual to work for it,, just like what happened in this event where I was the only 1 in charge of it despite it was discussed by the committee long time ago,, even before i was member of it.

moving to the facts, His presentation was......... Oh my god!! what an English language !!! oh dear me ,, oh dear me!!

4- since May I've assigned for committee members the mission to look for a sponsor for the event to cover our break costs ... they didnt even look for any,despite i provided them with contacts for different corps that may help us in a way or another. It was funny that I was just around the corner of getting sponsorship from a cold drinks company just 2 days before the event, when i discovered a marketing company who's responsible for promotional campaigns for PEPSI, so it wasnt PEPSI the right place to go & ask for sponsorship but a marketing company... I guess If i've discovered this company a week before at least I would have got sth out of them, the marketing company cared & treated me with full respect, but the time was the factor of failure in here since they had to decide & reorganize their teams & quantities with PEPSI in less than 24 hours. i will indeed wont miss the opportunity next times (Yes NEXT TIMES;)

ehh ... I guess i've spoke out my heart, lets move to the mind ;)

I liked the event! The theater was crowded,some people left during Kefah's session (seems they werent that interested) ... Kefah's session was great as far as I was around, & as far as the feedback i got from people around there, that is since every1 was there mainly to get whats linux & the open source culture behind the whole thing of using linux & Open source software as an alternative.

Maybe it was a lil bit boring for those Linux Geeks ;) but they didnt lift cause they knew what the whole thing is about... this is what i like to call GNU Ethics in Linux People ;)

My session was about Project Looking Glass 3D from Sun Microsystems, which will be the 1st 3D Operating System ever.. I'll be talking about it later in a separated post ..
The funny Thing is that i was trying to waste time during my short session since the cold drinks break wasnt ready yet, I guess the public figured out i was coming with a new speech every 2 minutes.. I was waiting for ahmad to get thru the theaters door to save me & finish up my session & get out for the break... hehe ,, it was funny also that when i got outside the theater to get my Mountain Due can,, surprise surprise! All Out;)))) hehe .... the yet funnier thing that from those 120+ audience in before the break only 40-50 got back after it!!!! I got them mountain due to refresh so they wake up a lil bit & get Back..a thing that didnt really happen unfortunately!

After the break, Ammar got us a very exiting PHP session, keeping, for the 3rd session in a row the focus on the Community behind Open Source Software Development.

By the end of the event 3 question were asked & the answers were rewarded with Looking Glass 3D Live CDs.

Questions werent that tough, Whats GNU, Whats LAMP, & whats the bad habit we did during the whole session (which was logging as root thru the graphical mode).

Not forgetting to mention, Mr Kefah provided us with a coupla distributions: Fedora 4 & CentOS 4.1, as well as his white paper about Open Source.

Finally, I wanna thank Mr Kefah & Mr Ammar for their efforts, & for telling me that the event was pleasant & “Well Organized” !!!!! hehe, when Ammar told me that, i said : “WHAT ?!!!!!!!!!!”.

Yaman came with Ammar but I didnt figure out he's abul Yumon but after he left!!!!!!!!!! I dunno, i guess there was a lot of noise around when ammar introduced me to him And/Or being in my 3ajga before & during the beginning of the event was the reason of my mind be somewhere else .... hehe,,& I was wondering during the event why Yaman & Jad didnt come tho they were expected to :PPPPP

I tag each & every reader that was there to feed me back with his/her comments, suggestions & critics. espicially Kefah & Ammar.

non assessing details will soon be found on www.ieeehu.org , along with pictures of the event hopefully.

I hope this would have been a small start for a big movement hopefully, even if it's from a small Nr of people. Thanks again for Mr Kefah & Mr Ammar, for every1 who was around there, & I wish the best of Luck to My Fellows & colleagues at PSUT in there Linux event that they are currently still “cooking” ;)


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Anonymous said...

by lookin at the topic, I'm really wondering, what did really make it "Your" event?
it belongs to the whole students & hu, plus you're not the only co-ordinator :-), I heard it was nice though...

nasimjo© said...

Dear Mr Anonymous,
Yes it was nice ... Im very proud of it..Im very proud the students were interested...
Those notes i wrote in this post are facts that i would like to avoid in any coming event i may think to make, either by my self (just as this 1) or in coord with others.
of course this event was for the whole community of students in the uni... coz it was made for them.. the reason of mentioning it as my event is that i started the idea, kept fighting for it, built it, invited the speakers, & did everything (with the thanks & credits to some IEEE exec members that helped me)..
So i wasnt really a coord ,, but the cake maker his self ;)

thanx for the comment, & glad U heard about us & about the event who ever u are (now im thinking to cancel the anonymous option ;))