07 August, 2005

Pre-IT for Dummies (Part 1)

dear "graduators" from tawjihi... who saw nothing from life yet with what the claim (Giant Tawjihi),,,, for those of you willing to get into IT in their orientation of life choosing to Study IT for the next 4 years or so in 1 of the Universities, I'm giving you some hints in what you'll be facing during those next years.
1st of all I'll be showing you the way so that u'll decide weather you think you'll be able to study IT.


Do you want the instant respect that comes from being able to use technical terms that nobody understands?
Do you want to strike fear and loathing into the hearts of DP managers everywhere?

Programming is not for everyone. But, if you have the desire to learn, we can help you get started. All you need is the Famous Programmers' Course and enough money to keep those lessons coming month after month.

To help determine if you are qualified to be a programmer, take a moment to try this simple test:
(1) Write down the numbers from zero to nine and the first six letters of the alphabet (Hint: 0123456789ABCDEF).
(2) Whose picture is on the back of a twenty-dollar bill?
(3) What is the state capital of Idaho?
If you managed to read all three questions without wondering why we asked them, you may have a future as a computer programmer.


2nd , I'll be giving you a snapshot of some expected questions u'll be facing in the IT specialty exams during those 4 years of your study:


COMPUTER SCIENCE (Mostly OOP1 course, Algorithms, & Architecture exams)

Inside your desk you'll find a listing of the DEC/VMS operating system in IBM 1710 machine code. Show what changes are necessary to convert this code into a UNIX Berkeley 7 operating system. Prove that these fixes are bug free and run correctly. You should gain at least 150% efficiency in the new system. (You should take no more than 10 minutes on this question.)


MATHEMATICS (this is the 1st year calculus course that everyone claim its just a piece of cake since its the same mathematics you get in Tawjihi,,,, Holly Crap!)

If X equals PI times R^2, construct a formula showing how long it would take a fire ant to drill a hole through a dill pickle, if the length-girth ratio of the ant to the pickle were 98.17:1.


GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (Software Engineering courses mainly! SWE1, System Analysis, Software Design, Maybe GUI design & Implementation)

Describe the Universe. Give three examples.

On my Next post i'll be giving you a bunch of Jargon each & every so-called IT-er should know before getting into the industry.So that keep them in you IT-er dictionary ;)

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