23 August, 2005

The 5th Element – a Middle Eastern Media Brand?!

You must have came over a show entitled (The 5th Element) with Dj Shadya on Play FM 99.6 , they even had an event at Nai earlier this year entitled (Explicit).

Despite the fact that im a Rock & alternative music fan,and a very Anti-Rap & R’n’B huge switch on the market during 2004, & Rap‘s switch in general from a sound of freedom in mid & end 90s to simple pornography in post-2K ,,, but this is an R’n’B,Rap, & HipHop show that i do respect very much, simply for its professionalism & subjectivity in the industry ... this 1 hour show is simply: a Brand!

The friday before, being in Irbid, I have 2 radio stations that i switch between being there every now & then, those are Jordan FM on its northern airwave of 90.9 FM & a Lebanese station by the name of Radio One on 105.5 FM (it transmits from the wester Lebanese mountains chain, thus u can get in the northern parts of Jordan, particularly Irbid, mafraq , & some areas in Ajlun Mountains).

I’ve always related Radio 1’s style to Jordan’s Play FM ... not that much in the play list, since Radio 1 has a much more wider variety that includes alternative music & Rock unlike Play’s redundant R’n’B & pop dance style,,, but in the domain being a commercial hit music station... & even the jingles style... well,, ok ,, we all know that some play jingles are “inspired” from famous commericals,, just like Microsofts Xbox promo (Live’s short, play longer) => switched by Play to (Live’s short, listen longer) ... & Radio 1’s (Lebanon Never Sounded better) => to (Amman never sounded better) .... or well ,, I figured that out being a Radio 1 listener even before Play starting in Amman.

So,back to the topic,being in irbid, on a friday night, at 8 PM, I heard this: “The 5th Element with DJ Shadya exclusively on Radio 1 Lebanon” .....!!!! WHAT!!!?
Yeah, Dj Shadya is on Radio 1 as well as Play! Thats on friday & This’s on Mondays,,,, on that she mentions she’s on Radio 1, & has a certain contest & prizes from local shops,, & On this she mentions she’s on Play, Jordan’s Nr 1 hit music Station & has a certain contest & prizes from Local shops (Generation)!!!!

Same style,same guy introducing her, same local rapper doin’ his thing... & same Dj Shadya on the same 5th element ;)

This explains to the Dj Shadya’s fans why the show turns into a Rap mix every now & then on Play.. because this is when she is on Radio 1...
I dont think the show gets live on neither stations, but shows are up to date & no redundant episodes are done... for example the show i heard that friday on Radio 1 wasnt the same on Play when the show got back after a coupla weeks of (Shadya on the mix) which is used when the show is on Radio 1 ..... Nice Formula of success ;)

For Real!
Now i dont really know if there’s another 5th element some where else... but since there’s no developed radio industry in the area but in Jordan & Lebanon ... & well, Dubai for sure ,,, but that’s kinda far from here ;)
Respect to the Lady in the industry .... Dj Shadya on the 5th element is the 1 to drop it like its HoT ;)


Roba said...

Interesting issue. I've personally never come across the 5th Issue(I'm also a rocker), but most of the youth listens to rap so...

nasimjo© said...

Rock Rulz Roba ;) (RRR)

it was just a nice remark that ..."finally" media industry is developing in our part of the world ... but still not developing properly as Arabic-speaking stations are concerned..

For real now,take our 4 English speaking Radio stations here in jordan & compare them with the arabic speaking one...a very big difference in the quality of sound,music & shows "or well,on those having shows....i just hate those station that know nothing but non-stop music"!