23 August, 2005

Basket Ball match Live!

Hehe .... that’s what i call a funny thing,being a workaholic & not having time to go & watch a basket ball game with your national team, despite U know half of the team since they’re colleagues & students at your Uni... & even a friend & a colleague sports rehabilitator having her internship with the national team (Hey noor ;) ... & still u dont go nor watch the game on TV!

hehe... yup, Last Sundays match was lively updated on the fresh DJ Haitham’s “Sunday Alternative Show” on Jordan FM, which is aired Sundays 8 PM – Midnight Jordan Local Time.

It was really nice, the best rock music along with the best news about the national basket ball team invading its opponent every now & then ;) Cool!
& by the end of the match, what even a better way to declare the victory but thru Queen’s song (We Are The Champions).... Just loved it !

Thanks Dj Haitham for the nice support for the national team.. & hey dear readers, check Dj Haitham’s sunday Alternative Show on the only station that plays Rock in town .. Jordan FM, he’s still fresh & new in the industry but he has a wonderful taste in music.

PS: Haitham was a long-term listener of the station before applying for a DJ just a coupla months ago.


Roba said...

LOL, cool. I'd never think of listening to sports on the radio.. but I'm really not much of a sports person so that figures. Anyway, it's great to see that our national team is good in basketball!

nasimjo© said...

Of course they are ;)

I guess the basketball teams experience should be a motivation for the football teams & national team

Anonymous said...

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