03 August, 2005

Open Door Linux Workshop @ HU .... Finally!

details on www.ieeehu.org

This event is fully organized by yours truly ,,,, Yeah,, 1 hand may clap sometimes,, Hardly !
Wish me luck!


Jad said...

in association with the Jordanian Linux Users Group(JOLUG)
we've never heard of this event!
anyway I'm coming inshallah

Anonymous said...

I dont want to sound rude, but how did you associate the JoLUG name with your event when in fact you didn't ask the LUG?

Zaid Amireh

tumbak -at- gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I think that Zaid is right .. No one asked or even sent an email to joLUG email list talking about this event.
You don't represent the jolug ..

nasimjo© said...

I've posted a mail 3-4 times last May about the event & if any1 want to give us a hand in it & except ONE reply no1 even cared about it, of course Mr isam did, & being out of the country at the time our event was set he appologised.

This event was ment to be more than 2 months ago, & we have minimized it & excluded the professional sessions just because we had no1 to help us in it!

& by the way, I'm part of JOLUG too ya3nee;)

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