05 January, 2006

Moments before some windows would CRASH!

this was taken a couple of days ago actually...! & It's Still running!

according to a JOLUG fellow....

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 01:58:30 +0200
From: Ahmad Abu Gharbieh <agharbieh@gmail.com>
Subject: [JoLUG-General] Will Windows work continuously for more than 49.7 days?
To: Jordan Linux User Group Mailing list <General@jolug.org>

hey guys i got this forward 2day.. is this true??

Original message:

Will Windows work continuously for more than 49.7 days?

Here is a bit of information, which may surprise you all. Windows crashes automatically if you don't switch off the machine for 49.7 Days. Microsoft accepts this. Do you know why? If not read this.

In Windows the Virtual Machine Manager (here after referred as VMM) is responsible for creation, execution, monitoring and termination of virtual machines. This VMM, which is a 32 bit, protected mode operating system entity, provides a number of system services at chip level. One of these services is "Get_System_Time". This particular service loads the EAX register with the time in
milliseconds since Windows started on that machine. This service is accurate to 1 ms. EAX is a 32 bit register in Intel 386 Processor onwards.

So the maximum number of milliseconds it can hold is
(232)-1 = 4294967295 milliseconds = 4294967.295 seconds = 71582.79 minutes = 1193 hours = 49.7 days

So after 49.7 days the EAX resets to zero. Most of the Drivers use this Time Service to keep track of the Timeout of various services they provide. So after 49.7 days the drivers cannot use the get_System_Time function of VMM and they crash taking the OS along with


Yazan Malakha said...

Actually this only effect 9x machines, I don't think you'd be able to recreate this on a winNT machine.

One of our retired NT servers had an uptime of 400 days (oh yeah we didn't install every service pack microsoft rolled out)

A current win2k3 server has been up for the past 180 days, if it wasn't for a power failure that ran the UPSs dry.

nasimjo© said...

actually yes i know ;))) i was just making some fun out of it !

The more funny thing was that after all those days of my Win XP running (which i consider a Win 98.4)!!! is running with an initial consumption of RAM of 250 MB instead of 120 MB it should usually run at win no service or application is running! the further more funny problem is that this doesnt appear in the systeminfo command in case you have noticed!!! it appears only in the taskmanager screen !!!!!!!!!

win 2k3 was made by Linux and BSD freeks bte ;)

Ahmad Abu Gharbieh said...

Wow i accidentally came accross this post Nasim! i guess my reply is few years late but im gonna comment anyways :D

did ur system crash after 49.7 days?

i used to hate windows XP and never liked Vista, i was always a linux fan, but i gotta say this.. windows 7 ROCKS!!