10 January, 2006

Last August's Linux Event @ HU featured on IEEE News

Remember the Linux Event I've been annoying all of you about last August! Well, It has been featured in December's IEEE Region 8 News ;)

Thanx for Moh'd Khawaja for scanning it for me ;) we might have give kinda small space for what i've sent, but it's better than nothing!! esp that I've sent it after the deadline Date ;P

By the way, I'm the one in the 2nd picture :P .. Ammar, Sorry, I've sent them 2 picture of you but the didnt seem to like you that much ;P hehe ,, just kidding....

this was a Nice 3edeeh for me actually, esp on the not that eid im having !
Happy Eid anyone, and by the way, in case you need to make any successful event just buzz me ;)

PS: That's If you find me free aslan :)

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