30 January, 2006

Ras el 3abed... on the double!

Yup, it's here... as asked and tagged by Firas Long time ago when he posted about ras el 3abed that was made in zarqa, and me telling him that i found some made in marka... here I am with a post about it after the Marka-made ras el 3abed was out of stock around the kingdom!!!!!
Actually I'm featuring to marshmallow (RAS EL 3ABED) products here, the old well-known one made in Marka (ORIGINAL) and a modern one in a modern pack made in Jerash.


In this picture 2 pieces of each brand are shot, obviously, CREMBO is the legacy Ras El-3abed that we have all grown with, in its traditional white plastic pack and the head of black guy on the foil paper cover. Crembo is manifactured by "AL We2am for Food Investments", and it's too “Jordanianly traditional” that it has the most famous jordanian mistake on it ;) yup the company's Numbers have a wrong prefix ;) what's even more “Jordanian” than this! it's 101% Jordanian ;)
The Nrs are printed "in arabic" as followed:
00962_2_77 780716

this is it as is with the underscore and space even ;)
I dunno where did the "2" come from, and further more, i dunno where did a Nr "most probably a 7" disappear from the mobilecom Nr ;)

The Jerashi is neater, tastier (this one really have an original flavor and taste), and with an acceptable level of Enjoyment Quality ;)
it's packed in a modern transparent pack that includes to pieces instead of 1 at the same original price of “1 SHELEN” (0.05 JD = 0.075 $ for those visiting my website from outside jordan). It has an alien name “OZO” and it's made by Biltaji Food Factory – Jerash.
Since I've displayed the Nrs of the 1st one, i'm displaying this factory's Nrs as well, but this is displayed for those interested in mass orders ;) hehe!
The Factory's Number is: 02-6340088 (this product is not for export, so they didnt right an international prefix ;))


Firas said...


Now this is what I call a quality post!

Thanks for keeping up of your promise!

و يلعن عمري التضييف على الصواني

Thanks a million!

Dar said...

Nice research :)

hamzeh said...

ok,, i have to admit that im ras-al3bdaholic.. thanx for the post,, but u have to elaborate further wheather u did the research in dokkanet abu isma3in or dokkanit abu sa3eed??? i need to know lol

onzlo said...

yummm.. where did u get the jarashi one 'ozo' from??? does it taste better than the Marka one?

salam said...

i bought my kids ras el 3abed the other day.for the first time...thinking to myself..they're gonna love this one..they did not really care for it..this upset me..thought of it as an insult to my taste buds..though raya's first impression was good but she didn't finish even one!!well I ate them..not a big loss

nasimjo© said...

Sorry for the late reply Guys.
Firas, hehe, so that U can see the product 360 degrees around and about ;0
hamzeh and onzlo: I got them from Dokanet Abu Bashar, Bashar is the one in charge, who is a "Doctor" that studyed in Russia for 7 years or so then Got back, without a degree of medicine of course ;) Dokanet Abu Bashar is in Al-Naser Street- Jerash, Meters away from where I live , the commercial name for the Dokane is "Supre Market BASHAR"!

Salam, Yeah, It's our culture ;)