30 December, 2008

Lubna "Al-Koshieh" decleared dead!

For those who don't know, and maybe never been to zarqa to know, Lubna Al-Koshieh (لبنى الكوشية) or (لبنى السريعة) is most probably the most dangerous woman in Jordan. and is famous in zarqa (mainly the inside zarqa bus terminal) for getting money from shops and people by force using knifes, and is also famous for beating up alot of gangsters in zarqa.

Lubna was declared dead yesterday after a fight.

The question that was always raised, forgetting the fact that her case was caused by a family destruction:
Why, and how she was always free! regardless of what she was doing.

Here is also a video i found on youtube for lubna during a wedding, another way for her to collect money:


Tami said...

Never heard of her before.. Maybe coz I used to go to uni through duwar il madinah... :P have u met her before Hehe
How did she die, was she killed or was it a normal death...

nasimjo© said...

Tami, no i didnt have any experience with her thank god.

click on the word "yesterday", she died after a guy stabbed her with a knife