22 January, 2008

We need a Private Meteo Dept in Jordan!!!

Jordanian Meteo Dept got a kick in the ass this morning!

They forecast: Slight rains are expected with only some iced formed drops in the morning. NO SNOW (they explicitly said it in the forecast)!

on the other hand, its now white all around Sweileh, Khelda & Jubeiha!

& snow is falling all over the capital, even in Marka, Abu Alanda & Sahab!

On Al-Wakeel show earlier, He was very pissed off that he contacted the creator of http://www.jordanweather.net/ who is just a a pure simple individual! & who is expecting snow until the afternoon in some areas!

Just to let you know ,,, ever since the morning and i'm trying to open The Weather Dept's official website.
& this is the best i got so far!!


ДншдЬ said...

LOL at the website...
I can say nothing else...

Ayman said...

The weather man is probably busy watching the amazing live programming on JTV!

Man this is pathetic. Why does every official have to make a speech thanking everybody from God down for the snow and rain before telling us the conditions of their district.

too much time and too little to do...