15 January, 2008

A Po-o-n Star in Al-Rai! And cinematographic censorship in Jordan

At the very same time when some movies are being censored in jordan's cinema halls, because gulf based distributors want that, and the AVC are happy with it!

At the very same time, Terra Patrick's picture is being shown in Al-Rai's last page yesterday, while posing "politely" at the 25th AVN (Adult Video News) Awards and Show in Las Vegas!

Take a look!!!

Now i wonder how many guys (and maybe gals) ... out of curiosity had clicked this link on Google! some knows about the po-o-n staa, others dont, and only like the dress, trying to copycat the "talented actress".

No more comments on my side,
its just awesome how varied are things going in here in jordan,
We live in Jordan, and this occupies our entire time :)


ДншдЬ said...

o enta malak ya a5e...
e7na mabsooteen ;)

fUSeBurneR said...

Yeah I saw this picture, it was a real scandal, and the comment was very obvious! This is Al-Rai for God's Sake, not Shehaan or some other low level news paper! I think some one should get kicked because of this!

mohammad said...

this is not the 1st time, there have been other photos for tera and photos for jeena jameson too,
don't they check the actress "performances" and movies or what is AVN ?????????