08 May, 2008

"Morning Fix" debuts on Energy FM this coming sunday

Energy FM which started earlier this year. Will finally start speaking :)

"Morning Fix" is the 1st show to go on the airwaves of Energy FM, which can be heard in Amman Greater Area on 97.7 FM, and is to broadcast Sunday-Thursday, 7 - 10 AM. & will be hosted by Dj Yanal Kassay, the one and only morning man ever since he used to be on RJ 96.3 FM's morning show, then on Beat FM, and now is back, better than ever hopefully, on Energy FM's Morning Fix, along with Adrienne Denaro.


EnergyFM said...

Soon you will say that they are both the most amazing ever! Inshallah!
Thanks for blogging, keep up the great work!

Nadia said...

dude i've just discovered ur blog, love it!

would u mind if we (readers) send u any interesting news we pass by 4 u 2 post up here in ur blog??

im telling im likin' this thing here, maybe if u widen the range of news, a greater variety would make this blog a place 2 hit every now & then by every Jordanian dude & dudette =)

nasimjo© said...

Nadia, you are more than welcome, my email is on the side bar to the right.

& hey, u seem a new blogger user, you have just created your account. start a blog, your self :) lets see what u'd rumble :)

samixxs said...

an i listen to Energy Fm on line

Anonymous said...

Hi Nasimjo how are u ?
i just have one question
Is the Energy going to have a transmission from jordan ? because i want to apply for DJ
any idea ?
thank you

nasimjo© said...

Energy FM transmits from Jordan and is owned by a Jordanian company. Click Here for more

their website is email me if you have further info or questions, nasimjo [at] gmail.com